Turkana Governor Endorses Cow Urine for a Sanitizer amid COVID-19

Governor Nanok

COVID-19 has brought the exciting and crazy sides of our lawmakers as some have pulled public stunts that have left Kenyans speechless and left others amazed. It started with embattled Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko with bottles of Hennessy in his donation packages to vulnerable families in the slums. When asked he said that drinking alcohol could directly do away with the virus.

Then came Babu Owino with his online classes on Mathematics and Chemistry that left Kenyans marvelling at his brilliance. Although the Ministry of Education cautioned Babu about his moves, he still teaches students online. And now Turkana Governor Josphat Nanok, whose unique solution to Kenyans on how to fight COVID-19 has left Kenyans wondering whether he is doing all fine.

While addressing the public on how to fight COVID-19 pandemic, Nanok urged the people of Turkana that using soap and water was superior to sanitizers but in the absence of all three, he advised them to disinfection using cow urine.

“The first frontline is to wash your hands with soap. I think to me that is the most effective way. Use sanitisers only when you cannot access water and other things. I’ve seen people using cow urine, they are using the same old technique. In fact, they have been using it to disinfect the cow udder before milking it and it has been very effective. They have adopted that without asking because they know it is effective but I think the responsibility is for all of us,” he said.

One Professor Mwatilu Mwau an infectious disease specialist reacted to his suggestions noting that cow urine has little ammonia content which will not be effective in the disinfecting process but its a reasonably safe method to deal with the situation.

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