How to Verify if your Mobile Phone is Genuine


Counterfeit electronics have been giving genuine products in the market a run for their money. They have infiltrated the market, and many Kenyans have fallen prey as they cannot distinguish genuine from fake. Of this electronics, mobile phones are the most bought by Kenyans who have a knack for up to date smartphone models that keep popping up in the market. Investing at least Ksh 15,000 on a smartphone is a big deal for many Kenyans who have no stable jobs.

For that reason buying a fully functioning genuine device with all the latest features is key. However, not so many buyers are tech-savvy and they will often be deceived into buying fake mobile phones. To protect these consumers, the Communication Authority of Kenya (CA) has initiated a mobile messaging service for the verification of genuine mobile phones in Kenya. In a public notice, Kenyans are guided on how to do it.

To tell if your phone is genuine or not, dial *#06# to see its international mobile equipment identifier number (IMEI). Write down the number and then send it as an SMS to 1555. The SMS is free of charge. You will receive a response from the CA via SMS showing details of the phone including its make and model.

The details displayed in the SMS message should be the same as those of the mobile phone used to send the text message and or the one intended to be purchased. If the details do not match, then the mobile phone is not genuine. CA noted that the counterfeit mobile devices pose threat to personal health and national security and should be reported immediately.