MKU Students Take to Social Media to Boycott Online Exams


Closure of institution of learning has forced colleges and universities to leverage on technology to keep up with school work.  While this option seem to be the way out of the COVID-19 situation, students from needy backgrounds have been largely disadvantaged. However, this has not stopped the process of learning as these institutions have sought a way out of the situation. A few weeks ago, the University of Nairobi successfully held their first-ever online examinations, challenging the status quo.

Mount Kenya University jumped into the train and has been pushing for online exams as well after engaging its students in online classes. But the reality of the matter has sent jitters and uproar across social media with tweeps reacting to a post sent to a WhatsApp group of Procurement students in the Unversity.

The lengthy post sent revealed that University Management issued a directive to the University Senate to issues online exams through a memo from the office of the registrar. In the post sent by the University Academic Minister, he acknowledges that in a meeting with senior academic officials online examination was only hinted at. But nontherless the idea was strongly opposed because the institutions’ e-learning infrastructure was not fully developed to the extent of having online exams.

Angry that they had not been involved in the decision-making process, they took to social media to shame the university and boycott the planned online examination. They expressed their frustration in trying to attend the online classes, even after paying school fees and registering units, yet the university was already jumping at the idea of online exams.