KEMRI Finds COVID-19 Cure in a Herbal Medicine Stashed Away

COVID-19 Herbal Cure

When Madagascar first announced that it had found a cure for COVID-19 in herbs, the world was skeptical. Being a third world country with not enough technology or resources to challenge the status quo, many were quick to claim that the herbal cure could actually serve its purpose well. World Health Organization while reacting to the news and the public against taking the herb as there were no clinical trials conducted on it to prove that it was fit for human use.

So far Madagascar has not reported any alarming cases of the virus, a prove the herbal cure could be actually effective. While scientists have been preaching hope to the world in the name of finding a cure for the vaccine, it been six months and nothing concrete has been brought on the table. Nations have resorted to searching for COVID-19 cure locally than wait for a vaccine from foreign nations.

Kenya among them has gone herbal in search for the COVID-19 cure. Scientists at KEMRI are looking into ZEDUPEX a key substance found in the medicinal tree Carrisa Edules that grows in parts of East Africa and Asia. It has been established that ZEDUPEX has millions of compounds with immune and nutritional traits. According to the Chief Researcher at KEMRI Dr Festus Tolo they had developed the substance a few years back while working on another opportunistic disease and were able to establish that ZEDUPEX  has potent antiviral.  The research in its early stages and the product has not yet been administered on any Coronavirus patient just yet.

The chief researcher noted that Festus Tolo noted that they will be proceeding with clinical isolate as soon as they get ethical clearance to fully ascertain if the product has anti-Corona virus activity.