Saturday, January 25, 2020
Tea Farmers

Financial Analysts Warn too Much Politicking Could Slacken Economic Growth

However, Financial analysts at Gengis Capital have warned of a slow down in the forecasted economic growth should the ongoing politics rise to unchecked levels
24 Alcohol Business

County Turns Alcohol Business into a 24-Hour Economy In New Proposal

County Assembly Trade Committee Chairman Lenny Masters Mwaniki has recommended sale and consumption of alcohol 24 hours a day, with official consumption hours revised from 5 pm to 3 pm Monday to Friday
Kenya Rejects maize flour Tanzania

IMF Wants Prices on Maize Flour, Cooking Gas Increased

IMF is now on the National Treasury's neck to raise the prices of basic goods by at least 16 percent which the government has scrapped on some necessity goods such as bread, cooking gas, maize, and wheat flour
Big 4 aGENDA

Kenyans Enticed With Ksh 9000 Monthly Tax Relief in Affordable Housing

Employers will subtract the amount identified as Affordable Housing Relief (AHR) from income tax deducted before passing on the rest to the Kenya Revenue Authority
President Uhuru on MSMEs

MSMEs to be Lent Ksh10 Billion to Contribute More to Kenya’s...

President Uhuru informed the public that commercial banks have set aside 10 billion shillings to be lent to MSMEs at an interest rate of 9 per cent per annum.

Mama Mboga to Pay Monthly Tax to KRA Starting This January

A turnover tax is charged on total sales without factoring in other costs associated with running the business. The new tax takes effect from January 1, 2020.
CA Director General

Almost Saturated Uptake Of SIM Cards Could Slacken Earnings For Telcos

As witnessed during the last three quarters, net SIM additions declined to 1.08 million during the period under review from 1.1 million SIMs posted during the previous quarter.
Blue chip companies in Kenya

Few Large Firms Dominance Could Destabilize NSE – CBK

In the Kenya Financial Sector Stability Report, the regulator cites other risks as dominance by foreign investors and the high concentration of Treasury securities in the Bonds market
Mzee Kenyatta statue to remain on New Currency

How to Borrow Safely From Money Lenders This December

For that reason it is always prudent to satisfy your most important need, then your desires can come in second depending on your expenditure
How Banks lock in defaulters

How Lenders Restrictive Covenants Catches Up With Potential Loan Defaulters

The abolishment of the interest cap is set to do away with these numbers so that SMEs can have for more access to financial support from these lending institutions

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