Saturday, September 21, 2019
How Mugabe would have been buried traditionally

How Mugabe Would have been Buried if Traditions were Followed

When a chief such as Mugabe dies, he is not a person that can be buried at Heroes Acre, that is forbidden. He should be buried in a cave.
Cervical cancer

All Women Should get Crucial Cancer Vaccine, say Women Legislators

Ministry of Health recently rolled out the HPV vaccines to reduce cases of cancer of the cervix through immunization which primarily targets girls aged 9 to 14 years of age
Muslims not pleased by court ruling on rastafarian

Rastafarian Religion Ruling Ruffles Muslims

He also pointed out that Christian students enrolling in Muslim schools are not compelled to wear hijabs, and that the same should be tha case for those Muslim students in non-Muslim schools.
Matatu training institutions

New Connected PSV Speed Governors to Reign in on Errant Drivers

The National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) has issued a directive to Public Service Vehicle (PSV) operators to fit their vehicles with speed governors
Ban on dreadlocks lifted

Now you Can Haffi Dread and be Rasta in Kenya, Court...

Making a judgement on the matter today, the high court ruled in the girl's favour declaring that Rastafarianism is a religion just like any other and they should be treated like the rest.
Sahar Khodayari

Football Fan Sets Herself Ablaze in Protest of Repressive Law

Unfortunately, Khodayari popularly known as the “Blue Girl” on social media for the colours of her favourite Iranian soccer team, Esteghlal, passed on at a hospital in Tehran
life or death poll

Pastor Commits Suicide After Years of Doing Suicide Support

The outreach group he and his wife founded in 2016 sought to end the stigma of mental illness and connect people to resources including a 24-hour crisis line
Taditional ways of preserving fish

How Kenyans Traditionally Preserved Meat Before the Refrigerator

It was also be dried over fire, but this option required much more attention to prevent the meat from being charred. This option dehydrated the meat.
Busaa By Luhya

How the Luhya Community from Kenya Brew Busaa Drink

Busaa is a cereals based fermented beer typically made from the most abundant source of grains commonly maize, millet or sorghum.
Matatu training institutions

Traffic Act: What Kenyan Drivers Need to Know

The driver of a vehicle shall at all times; obey any directions given, whether verbally or by signal, by aa police officer in uniform, in the execution of his duty

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