Friday, April 10, 2020

Retailers Forced to Ration Purchase of Booze as COVID-19 Throws Folks...

Retail giant Woolworths Group Ltd among others have agreed to limit sales of alcohol for each shopper after social distancing measures
Kenyan men more impotent

Men With Sexual Dysfunctions Risk Early Death – Study

As both vascular disease and low testosterone levels can influence erectile function, sexual symptoms can be an early sign for increased cardiovascular risk and mortality
coronavirus in Kenya

Female Healthcare Workers Most Mentally Affected by COVID-19 Pandemic – Study

“Protecting healthcare workers is an important component of public health measures for addressing Covid-19 pandemic. Special interventions to promote mental well-being
Easter Holiday

No Kissing The Cross, Among Guidelines to be Observed By Believers...

To clear the air on how believers are supposed to conduct themselves in the Holy Week, the Catholic church has issued a number of directives and guideline
global condom shortage

Global Condom Shortage Anticipated After Coronavirus Shut Down Major Producers

“It will take time to jumpstart factories and we will struggle to keep up with demand at half capacity. We are going to see a global shortage of condoms everywhere,
Covid 19 Kenya

Kenya Joins International Campaign ‘Travel Tomorrow’ To Create Awareness On COVID-19

It has joined the United Nations World Tourism Organization’s (UNWTO) campaign to sensitize travellers about the importance of staying at home now while planning to travel later
Dead can donate organs

Kenyans Allowed to Collect Their Dead For Free in Public Morgues

To decongest city mortuaries on Tuesday, City hall waivered mortuary fees for all public mortuaries in Nairobi, to help netizens bury their dead as soon as possible.

Catholic Church Defiant Of Coronavirus Threat, Keeps Doors Open

In a statement released on Thursday by the Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops, the church will remain open but Priests have been told to exercise caution
Covid 19 Kenya

22 Year Old Woman Tests Positive for COVID-19, Shares Her Daily...

Bjonda has advised the public not to panic if they feel the symptoms, but to take the necessary initiatives and precautions of social distancing and self-quarantine
Megan White Mukuria, Founder of ZanaAfrica and Nia pads

Nia Pads Leverages Mzizzi to Support Women’s Reproductive Health Needs

Thanks to Mzizzi's core principles on business growth and brand recognition which have created a huge online demand for Nia products and contributed immensely to the brand's online presence.

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