Wednesday, March 20, 2019

New Britain Law Makes Things Harder for Opponents of Organ Donating

A law passed by the government of England ruled out that starting 2020, all adults will be considered potential organ donors unless they choose to opt out of the system or they happen to belong to an excluded groups with hope to save and improve at least 700 lives yearly.

Mobile Phone Dies For Australian Man’s Sins After Blocking Arrow

A 43 year old Australian a man narrowly escaped death, after his mobile phone saved his life from an oncoming arrow shot at him by an assailant outside his home.

Airpod Owners’ Vanity Hits Wall After No-Show Meetup

Since their debut in 2016, Airpods - wireless Bluetooth earbuds created by Apple - have grown to become a millennial status symbol that those...
Aboriginal leader

Australia Aboriginals Compensated Billions In Land and Spiritual Loss Suit

A case filed by Abogolians in Australia named Ngaliwurru and Nungali groups against their Northern  Territory government saw them win billions of dollars following a High Court Ruling over suit on colonial land loss and spiritual disconnection
UEFA Champions League

UEFA Champions League and Europa League Draws Bring Interesting Ties

The draw for both competitions took place this Friday as the quarter finals nears. All top six teams are still in European elite competitions...

School Chickens Successfully Plan Death of Marauding Fox

A brood of chickens in a poultry farm in northwest France attacked and killed a hungry fox that tried creeping inside their shelter.
Youtube Headquaters, California

Man Drives 5000 Km to Fight Google Over Deleted Youtube Account

Irked 33-year-old Kyle Long drove 5000 Km to Google's headquarters in California, to protest over his deleted Youtube account with a single video on...
Lero Sane Champions League

UEFA Champions League: Ronaldo, Sane, Mane and Four English Teams

Another week of European football proved entertaining as the last four games of the round of 16 were played. Cristiano Ronaldo highlighted the midweek...

Premier League Gameweek 30; What to expect.

A host of game will be live this weekend as the premier league approaches the climax. All ten games are set to be played...
Manchester United PSG

UEFA Champions League Recap: Manchester United, Ajax Pull Stunners

What a couple of days it has been! Four Champions League games were played as we draw closer to the quarter finals stage. Four...

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