Friday, November 15, 2019
Uncapped Interest rate

Kenya Banks Commit to Non-predatory Lending post Interest Rate Cap Removal

Commenting on the repeal of section 33B of the Banking Act, Standard Chartered Bank CEO, Mr. Kariuki Ngari has reassured clients and the public that they will not see a spike in interest rates
Influencer Marketing

Brands Fail Miserably When They Write The Script For Influencers

"Influencer marketing is a seasonal profession in Kenya and you can't fully count on it. It still a trial, and error kind of thing because there is no written script about it

#CampusLifeKe Memes Bring all the Comic Relief you Need, Here’s Some...

The only enemy of progress were exams that saw everyone get switch into serious mode trying to escape from missing marks or retakes.
Jeff Kuria, Comedy Industry

Vernacular Comedy is A Game Changer, But Corporates Won’t See That...

Some comedy is told best in vernacular to hit closer home, a niche that is rich in content and very contextual but has not been fully exploited in the Kenyan Comedy Industry.
Job requirements

Requirements For New Job Seekers In Kenya

There are a number of documents and fees to be paid for that matter to meet the stringent requirements set by Human resource managers.
Lions heart

Nigerian Oscar Entry LionHeart Disqualified over Language Choice and Nigerians Aren’t...

The movie's storyline, starring actress-cum-director Genevieve Nnnaji is about a woman who tries to keep her father’s transport company afloat in a male-dominated industry after he is taken ill.
KFCB Clean content Ambassador

KFCB Intros Clean Content Ambassador Awards Picks Kamba Artist For Nairobi...

" We are pleased to announce the Nairobi Region #KFCBCleanContentAward Ambassador. Nairobi Region Clean Content Ambassador is Mr. Tobias Mulwa alias Tobbias MC Mukulu Bisengo of Elevax Media.
2019 census pop

Kenya Female Population Bigger than Male as third Gender Reported in...

The total enumerated population was 47.6 Million, of which 23.5 were male, 24 million females and 1524 intersex population. Nairobi County has the highest population with 4.3 million.
Kalasha Awards Winners

There is Not Much to Look Forward to From Kalasha Awards...

Local filmmakers are yet to scale the heights to break through into the international sphere, despite Kalasha Awards being the right platform to make it happen.

Kenya Dams Yet to Fill up as Floods Wreak Havoc

However, even with the continued rains that have wreaked havoc in most parts of the country, the dams have not attained their full capacity. The current water levels against the dams’ full capacity

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