Government Announces Date for Cash Transfers to the Vulnerable

Maasai women in Kenya

The advent of the novel COVID-19 saw the government take measures to protect the elderly and people living with disabilities from contracting the virus. Word Health Organization has classified this group of people as vulnerable with high chances of contracting the virus. The government initiated a Consolidated Cash Transfer Management Information System where over one million Kenyans who have registered under this system are set to benefit from it.

Under this program, they will be receiving weekly stipends as part of the government’s package to cushion the most vulnerable people from the virus. Dubbed Inua Jamii, beneficiaries are to start receiving the stipend starting end of this month.

“The State Department for Social Protection will commence Cash Transfer payments on Tuesday 30th June 2020 through the respective Payment Service Providers,” read a tweet from the Inua Jamii platform

Having anticipated the technical challenges that this group of vulnerable people will face, the government through the Ministry of Health in April instituted guidelines to help with a smooth disbursement of the funds to the intended group. These guidelines were issued to coordinators in all the payment centres to help these that the beneficiaries adhere to the Ministry of Health directives. Those planning to take advantage of the elderly have been warned.

“We have a system to track and to ensure that those listed to benefit from the programme get the money. Anyone trying to delay the process or attempt to take advantage of the elderly people will face the consequences,” Labour and Social Protection Cabinet Secretary Simon Chelugui warned.

To prevent crowds, long queues and gatherings, the Ministry has encouraged that payments should be done in an open field with proper security where possible, so as to prevent the spread of COVID-19.