Thursday, December 7, 2023
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Entrepreneurs need to better understand risk and fail better by failing...

Are entrepreneurs risk takers at heart or calculated visionaries?  According to serial entrepreneur and Ukheshe Technologies CEO, Clayton Hayward, many entrepreneurs don’t truly understand...
Ksh 1000 notes

Central Banks asked to Financially Support Critical Sectors Amid COVID-19

Central banks in emerging and developing economies to use flexible exchange rates to absorb external pressures while countries with adequate reserves,
Clerk helps man get released

Court Ruling on Child Support Burden for Divorcees takes a New...

Parental responsibility means all the duties, rights, powers, responsibilities and authority which by law a parent of a child has in relation to the child

Finance Committee targets Motorists Likely to Evade Toll Fees with Exorbitant...

The amendment seeks to enhance the penalty for failure or fraudulently passing through a toll station without paying or failure to use the designated route
Uncapped Interest rate

Standard Chartered Bank Extends Ksh 650 Million Financial Support to Businesses...

Financing towards the health sector and specifically private hospitals will go a long way in the purchase of medical equipment supplies
Mzee Kenyatta statue to remain on New Currency

Relief to Kenyans Struggling with Loans as CRB unveils a New...

Once you have registered, click on the COVID-19 Loan Restructure icon which will display all your outstanding loans. Click on the loan that you want
Miraa Chewing Gum

KEBS Raises Eyebrows over a Miraa Chewing Gum Introduced in the...

The gum, selling under the brand name, Marqan contains gum base, oils, sugars, miraa, gum Arabica and aspartame as its ingredients, manufactured by Rek East Africa
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New VAT Refunds Proposal Burdens Buyers with Validity Proof for Claims

This implies that a buyer will have to ensure that each supplier has declared sales on their VAT before they claim input tax on related invoices.
KRA taxING Betting Advertisements

Manufacturers Decry New Taxes on Their Consumer Products

 KRA is set to increase excise duty chargeable on at least 31 goods by about 5.5 per cent line with the law that demands excise duty be revised upwards
Tea Farmers

PwC Worried about CS Yatani’s Budget Allocation to the Agriculture Sector

"In our view, the FY 2020/21 budget’s measures and interventions for agriculture are not sufficient to inspire the kind of real change in the sector