Sunday, May 26, 2019
Government takes over betting industry

Government Takes Over Betting and Gambling Industry In Uganda

“Based on the Cabinet resolution, I hereby direct you to stop licensing of gaming and betting with immediate effect,” the letter reads in part.
Nzioka Waita -President's Chief of Staff

Address Role of Businesses in Encouraging Corruption – Nzioka Waita

This can only happen if we tackle the obstacles including surrendering short term profiteering for long term growth, willingness to reconfigure the approach to intellectual property rights in healthcare and food security and addressing the role that business plays in encouraging corruption
Kampala bans street children

Donations To Street Children in Kampala Forbidden By Law

According to Kampala’s mayor, Erias Lukwago, the law  penalizes traffickers, agents and parents of the children found begging or selling items on the street
Hand dryer

Turns out Hand Dryers Spray You With Toilet Germs – Study

According to the findings which were published in a journal, air-blasted plates carried 18-60 colonies of bacteria on average, while two minutes' exposure to the mere bathroom air left fewer than one colony on average.
Larry eats mice

Kenyan Journalist Larry Madowo Eats the Rat on the Highway

I ate a mouse for the first time and it was, well, amazing! Mice (not rats!) are a delicacy in parts of Malawi. Tastes just like chicken

Botswana Uses Farmers’ Ruined Crops as Excuse to Allow Poaching

Botswana has taken a decision to lift the hunting suspension. The general consensus from those consulted was that the hunting ban should be lifted
Huduma Namba queues

Millions Will Still go Back to Huduma Namba Queues

So you may have registered, yes, but in the process of cleaning data, then you’re found to have either given the wrong I.D (national identification) number or the wrong number of your birth certificate, then they would be communicated to go and register afresh,
Avocado farmers

Small Kenya Avocado Farmers Face Limited Options in China Market

Then the farmers can sell to large exporting enterprises like Kakuzi, Sunripe are among the leading aggregators of Avocado, they understand and have been registered
Safaricom reverse call

Safaricom Brings Back Reverse Calls From the Past

Safaricom brings back the iconic reverse calls that were the highlights of the 90s in Kenya telephony space.
Labour Employment Management Bill

Employment Authority Develops New Bill To Protect Kenyans Working Abroad

The Labour Ministry under the newly operationalized National Employment Authority (NEA) is looking to tap into the foreign employment, to ease the pressure on tarmarking graduates
License marijuana

Tanzania Now Wants In On Marijuana Benefits

According to Jumanne, one sack of marijuana fetched Sh4 to Sh4.5 Million in Tanzania while the same quantity is sold at Sh 20 Million in Lesotho and Zimbabwe.
Health facilities

Women Fined Healvily for Giving Birth Outside Health Facilities

. In some regions, any pregnant woman giving birth outside a health facility is slapped with a fine of between Sh20, 000 and Sh50, 000, which they are obliged to pay when they seek medical help
Open visa policy

Open Visa Policy Will Not Attract International Terrorism – Experts

Rwanda hasn’t registered cases of international terrorism as a result of the open-visa policy implying that the idea is feasible.
Muslim woman

Doctor Opts To Quit After Muslim Woman Accused Him of Racial Discrimination

Doctor Keith then ‘politely’ asked the woman to remove the veil covering her face so he could be sure what she was saying and the mother complied with his request without raising any objections.
SGR Online Booking

Railway Corporation To Fall Under Transport Authority In New Bill

The National Transport Safety Authority (NTSA) will be pivotal in the operations and management of the Kenya Railway corporation if the proposed bill is passed and signed into law.
Kambua pregnant

This Woman Set to Pray for Kambua a Year Ago After Cyber Bully Incident

Kambua took to her social media to break the good news to her fans. In the heartwarming post, she shared a photo of her protruding baby bump