Saturday, October 19, 2019
psc interns rejected

Interns Deployed By PSC Rejected in State Corporations

Commenting on the incident, PSC head of communications Browne Kutswa said that they have received the complaints and are working to resolve the issue.

UK now Allows Kids to Watch Porn

The few pornography websites that refused to comply with the policy faced being blocked by internet service providers or having their access to payment services restricted
Electricity pole

Electrician Fined Millions For Trespass in Line of Duty

The man was slapped with Shs2 million and failure to which he would spend one year in Luzira prison for trespassing to climb a utility pole which is a property of Umeme Ltd.
Botched surgery

Botched Operation Leaves Man Without a Testicle

It is alleged that a surgeon found the testicle was ‘black and unlikely to recover’ and decided to chop it off, after consulting a colleague. 
Gays in UG to be sentenced to death

Uganda Denies Plans To Criminalize Gay Sex

"There are no plans by the government to introduce a law like that. We have the penal code that already handles issues of unnatural sexual behavior so there is no law coming up
madaraka express nairobi suswa

Madaraka Express Service Schedule and Prices for Nairobi-Suswa Route

The Standard Gauge Railway Phase 2A has been in development for the past three years. The 120km project was to connect Nairobi and Naivasha...
Wild animal genetic manipulation

South Africa Law Allows Domestication of Wild Animals Including Endangered White Rhino

The South African Hunters and Game Conservation Association says it’s gravely concerned about the amendment that puts animals such as black wildebeest at risk of genetic manipulation and genetic pollution
Bank employees

Bank Employees Highest Contributors to KRA Tax Basket

PAYE is the largest component of employment taxes. In the year 2017 and 2018, Employment taxes (PAYE, employer, and employee NSSF contributions and employee NHIF contributions) contribution amounted to Ksh 20.1bn and Ksh 20.8bn respectively.
Kenyan cofee

Kenyan Coffee Lands Supply Deal With US Cannabis Infused Beverage Producer

The deal between the coffee producer registered with Fair Trade will see the New York-listed business entity, Puration Company (PURA), make cannabidiol-infused lattes

Infinix S5 is Official with Quad Cameras, Punch Hole Screen and Large Battery

Infinix S series of phones has hit the 5th iteration with the announcement of the S5. The smartphone, which went live today is the...
Female Infanticide

Sex Selective Abortion and Female Foeticide sending Infants To Forced Graves

According to the most recent census, in 2011 there were 914 girls to every 1,000 boys for children up to the age of six, but in some northern states that ratio dropped below 850.
KU Referral hospital Job opportunities

Kenyan Activist Seeks Court Hand to Stop Launch of KU Hospital

The official launch of Kenyatta University Teaching Referral and Research hospital, scheduled for this week has been halted after Activist Okiya Omtatah moved to court to challenge the move.
The Judiciary

Man Fights State to Have Judges In VIP Lounges

According to Munene, this move is discriminatory and contrary to the law since all judges, regardless of the courts in which they serve, are of equal status.
Man on Ventilator

Man on Ventilator After Trusted Public Officers Defrauded Him

When it hit Awadh that he had lost his money to conmen, he started experiencing breathing complications but was luckily rushed to a National Hospital in Tanzania where he was admitted
Huduma Namba registration

Petitioners Want use of Huduma Namba Data Frozen Until Laws Are Passed

In the petition they highlighted that Huduma Namba is an impugned act, which was passed without public participation despite the constitution binding all state organs & officers,
Eliud Kipchoge INEOS 159

Eliud Kipchoge: Kenyans Share Lessons of Hope and Humour from Hero

This historic moment for the 34-year-old,  threw Kenyans into a frenzy who were blowing up social media with congratulatory messages and trending hashtags #EliudKipchoge #INEOS159,