Monday, February 17, 2020
Mobile Finance Loans

Stakeholders Push for A New Digital Loans Model to Weed Out Bad Business

The digital platforms have been encouraged to switch to this new platform as it is transparent customer-centric ethical with the and the pricing of credit need clear to the public.
Coronavirus threat

How Kenyan Government Has Prepared For Coronavirus Threat

The Ministry affirmed that the has been no case of the disease in the country and it has continued to heighten its surveillance systems at all points of entry in the country.
World Oldest Living Man Secret

World’s Oldest Living Man About to Clock Another Year and His Secret Is not Healthy Food

"I've lived together with him for over 50 years, and I've never seen him raise his voice or get mad. He's also caring. When I was working on my patchwork hobby,
Pope appoints first female in senior role

Pope Francis Rejects Proposal to Allow Married Men into Priesthood

but in a papal document released Wednesday, the pope has ignored the boldest of the proposals, a response expected to dissapoint his liberal supporters, particularly in the Americas
Breaking taboo for sex workers

Sex Workers Break a Taboo, Give Their Own What Society Couldn’t

Daulatdia, one of the largest brothels in Bangladesh and the world, servicing more than 3,000 men daily, established a century ago under British colonial rule and has been a home for thousands of sex workers
Ksh 1000 notes

How to Buy Treasury Bonds, Notes and Bills In Kenya

As per CBK, there are several types of securities that are generally made available, most common being, Fixed coupon Treasury bonds, which means that the interest rate
Coronavirus spread

60% Of Globe Population Under Coronavirus Threat

The experts say that each person infected would go on to transmit the virus to about 2.5 other people which estimates to 60% to 80% attack rate
Public office

Government Responds to Manufacturers, Sets Aside Ksh 1Billion But Its not Good Enough

They asked for an initial monthly disbursement of Sh5.5 billion from the year starting July but the National Treasury has set aside only Ksh1 billion for Value Added Tax (VAT) refunds
side effects of Viagra

Men Overdosing in Viagra Could Permanently Lose Their Eyesight

Viagra blocks the photoreceptors in the eyes, responsible for converting light into signals that can be stimulated for biological processes to enhance an erection
Auctioneers In Kenya

List Of Best Rated Auctioneers In Kenya

Most properties for sale by auction can be found in newspapers, through real estate agents, auctioneers ranging from repossessed properties, unmortgageable properties
Public Auction

How to Buy Property Through Public Auction In Kenya

A property may be government-owned through normal purchase, or through confiscations, various government bodies and agencies among other ways. These government-owned properties are typically exempted from taxes. 
Blue band new products

Blue Band Launches Three New Products and This Chef is Excited to Go All In

Now an Upfield brand of margarine, cheese spread, and vegetable fat spreads, Blue band has today introduced three new products in the market to meet its customers' demand and while at it satisfying their tastes and preferences.
Coronavirus spread

Coronavirus Whistleblower Doctor Demise Triggers Outrage over Its Initial Cover-Up

Li warned colleagues on social media about a mysterious virus that would become the coronavirus epidemic and was detained by police in Wuhan for allegedly spreading false rumors.
FGM Practises

How Genital Elongation for Sexual Pleasure Has Become a Frenzy for School Girls

In Uganda, this practice is still heightened and has crawled its ways into schools, where many young girls have sought to refuge from wayward traditional practices
Uber acquires Careem

NTSA Puts Taxi Hailing Firms in a Tight Spot With these New Rules

As per the proposal, companies such as Uber and Taxify will be required to pay Ksh500,000 to register for a digital hailing service operator license renewable annually at Ksh300,000.
New Uganda law on trash

Uganda Intros New Law on Litter and Dirty Houses, but the Fines Are Outrageous

"Every person in Uganda is now under the obligation to refrain from littering or dropping trash outside the litter bin. Upon conviction, the offender will be fined Sh 2Milion Ugandan shillings