Monday, December 4, 2023

Ksh 1000 notes

Central Banks asked to Financially Support Critical Sectors Amid COVID-19

Central banks in emerging and developing economies to use flexible exchange rates to absorb external pressures while countries with adequate reserves,

Kenyans Relieved as South Africa Takes Up First Human Trials for COVID-19 Vaccine

The Oxford COVID-19 cure finally found its way into Africa through South Africa. South Africa has become the second country after UK to take part in the first human trial
Maasai women in Kenya

Government Announces Date for Cash Transfers to the Vulnerable

“The State Department for Social Protection will commence Cash Transfer payments on Tuesday 30th June 2020 through the respective Payment Service Providers,”
Most Corrupt Institutions

EACC pushes for Hefty Fines for Kenyans who Fail to Report Bribery

But the commission is seeking to amend Section 14 of the Bribery Act to allow any person to report any suspected case of bribery to EACC.
Mobile Money business

M-Pesa to Undergo Maintenance Hours After CBK’s Review on Mobile Money Transactions

Hours later telco giant M-Pesa announced that its M-Pesaservices shall undergo planned maintenance on the morning of Thursday 25th June 2020
Private schools want government funding

Protocols for Reopening Schools in September

Once we agree on the prototype, then we will get the pricing so that when schools open in September, face masks will be in the institutions by mid-August
Clerk helps man get released

Court Ruling on Child Support Burden for Divorcees takes a New Twist

Parental responsibility means all the duties, rights, powers, responsibilities and authority which by law a parent of a child has in relation to the child
Man accused of stealing

Government Hints at Resuming Operations in the Tourism and Travel Industry

Ministry of Tourism and Wildlife, in a press statement seen by Urbwise today, has announced that it has drafted COVID-19 tourism and Travel health and safety protocols.
Uncapped interest

Legislators Weigh in on the New Retirement Savings Tax Proposal

The parliamentary committee further urges that the removal of exemptions on pension and NSSF income risk derailing the State efforts to have more Kenyans

Finance Committee targets Motorists Likely to Evade Toll Fees with Exorbitant Fines

The amendment seeks to enhance the penalty for failure or fraudulently passing through a toll station without paying or failure to use the designated route
Uncapped Interest rate

Standard Chartered Bank Extends Ksh 650 Million Financial Support to Businesses amid COVID-19

Financing towards the health sector and specifically private hospitals will go a long way in the purchase of medical equipment supplies
Mzee Kenyatta statue to remain on New Currency

Relief to Kenyans Struggling with Loans as CRB unveils a New Product

Once you have registered, click on the COVID-19 Loan Restructure icon which will display all your outstanding loans. Click on the loan that you want
Parents with school fees arrears to be blacklisted

CS Magoha Blames Porn for the Rise in Numbers of Teenage Pregnancies

According to Magoha, pornographic content is to be blamed for the rise in teenage pregnancies and it should be completely banned from the country.
Miraa Chewing Gum

KEBS Raises Eyebrows over a Miraa Chewing Gum Introduced in the Market

The gum, selling under the brand name, Marqan contains gum base, oils, sugars, miraa, gum Arabica and aspartame as its ingredients, manufactured by Rek East Africa
KRA taxING Betting Advertisements

New VAT Refunds Proposal Burdens Buyers with Validity Proof for Claims

This implies that a buyer will have to ensure that each supplier has declared sales on their VAT before they claim input tax on related invoices.
covid-19 virus

Why Some Scientists are Skeptical about the Newly Discovered COVID-19 Drug

However, some scientists are exercising caution with this cure following the recent withdrawal of an influential COVID-19 drug that had been hyped by politicians