Ten Online Food Delivery Businesses in Nairobi for that Busy Workday

online food delivery nairobi

At times it gets so hectic meal preps become the last thing you’d think of. Get home and the thought of preparing even the easiest of meals or getting something to eat ends up draining you more. Online food delivery businesses become a life saver at this point. Knowing about some that exist for a Nairobian makes life just that much better. Below are some online food delivery businesses you can order from and have food delivered within a considerable amount of time.

Mama Rocks

For the foodies with an immense liking of burgers Mama Rocks is the to go to site. Situated in Parklands what differentiates it is its focus on gourmet/African inspired burger theme and not just an ordinary burger. Orders are easily placed through their website and delivery made promptly.

LunchBox Caterers

One of Nairobi’s food delivery business that has made immense utilization of the power social media gives to its users. It majors on lunch delivery after weekly menu postings on twitter trough @LunchBoxKe to give it’s client adequate time to place orders based on if what’s on the menu suits their taste. It deals with lunch provision and as such minimizes chances of wants of clients colliding with the business focus.

Farmers Basket Kenya

A beautifully inspired idea of delivery of market produce. If your taste means more on the healthier food aspect this is the to go to business through their website.

Yum Deliveries

Placing an order through Yum deliveries is as easy as putting in one’s location on their website to derive restaurants within one’s proximity. From there one may opt to proceed and pick a restaurant of choice and what they want delivered. Yum is then handed the responsibility to deliver which through reviews they are quite exceptional at. It’s diversification outside Nairobi into Kisumu, Nanyuki and Nakuru makes it an even better deal to its clients.

Jumia Food

An online food delivery business based in Nairobi and Mombasa that sees it’s users enjoy the benefit of cravings met and hunger sorted in the comfort of whatever they may be. Their website gives an option of ordering food from one’s choice of restaurants listed on their website from where they then deliver. What gives it an upper hand over Yum Deliveries is the considerably higher number of restaurants that come up in searches.

Mama meals on wheels

As opposed to Yum Deliveries and Jumia Foods, Mama meals on wheels gives a chance to users of it’s website to order meals outside their proximity. This is however at a much higher delivery cost.

Jahazi Seafood

An online food delivery business that has taken a turn not sought by most. It’s a business that deals with delivery of fish and shellfish from South coast after which it is prepared and transported within the right time span to customers in Nairobi. One can reach them through their website.

Chandarana Foodplus

Chandarana Foodplus gives a wide range of food options to its users from fresh market products, bakery products, drinks and even has your pet meal sorted. Just a perfect go to for an animal person. It can be accessed through their website and order placed via shopping cart after which delivery can be made.


If you’re in the mood for pizza or chicken wings Dominos has you sorted. The 30 minutes span given between one placing an order through their website and it getting delivered makes them just that better for that busy workday.

Mambo Italia

Exists as a restaurant and incorporates delivery services. It’s diverse menu with options on Italian, Asian, vegan and gluten free meals makes sure that a diverse of people and tastes are catered for.

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