This Guy Live-tweets Stolen Office Lunch Expose, Wins the Internet

Imagine packing your delicious lunch from home to the work office, place it in the office fridge, start on your morning work, then when the lunch break clicks you walk fast to the kitchenette just to find your lunch is gone. Sobs, imagine the confusion when closing that fridge door, a hundred & one questions running through your mind.

Did I really pack my lunch when coming to work? Did I put it in the fridge or maybe I just put it on the shelves? Is someone playing a prank on me by hiding my lunch? Has someone really eaten my food? Who could be the thief?

That is exactly what seems to have happened at Zak Toscani’s office. The guy whose bio reads ‘a Comedian & also a Writer’ took to his twitter account in a thread that went viral that read “Co-worker got his lunch stolen and they’ve agreed to let him watch the security camera tape. This is the most excited I’ve ever been at any job ever. Ever.”

Who wouldn’t want to catch a thief? Toscani who works in a post production company continued to update his twitter thread on the sensational office drama. Toscani said that the lunch in question was shrimp fried rice which was in the office fridge for less than an hour before it vanished.

In a series of not less than 20 tweets, Toscani continued to up to stir up the internet. “HOLY SHIT. He’s back. He watched the tape. He knows who did it,” he tweeted.

Not long after, Toscani dropped the bombshell saying that the man whose lunch was stolen sits next to him and the alleged thief was a lady who sits right next to him and had left for the day before the investigation started.

He said that according to the footage, this lady didn’t even eat the food. She just took it out of the fridge, threw and buried it in the trash. Mr Toscani continued to tweet that the lady’s motives were yet to be known. The victim after watching the footage had decided not to press the matter any more. The victim told the HR that he was solely interested in who did it and that he didn’t want to be responsible for someone getting fired.

“After charges were dropped, HR sent a company wide email about not stealing people’s lunches,” he wrote. “She is scheduled to arrive at work in 20min. My blood is on cocaine.”

Shortly, he added, “She has walked into the room. And the room is dead silent. Dead fucking silent yet there is a palpable explosive energy pulsing through everyone but her. From the moment she walked in, I’ve just been staring at her. Watched her open her email and now she clicked on the goddamn HR email! Holy fuck strap in – here we go!”

“After she said that, shrimp guy responds -well yea it’s not ok to throw someone’s food away- we’re all about to start screaming.”

The culprit then asked the victim why he would go to the HR about such an issue, the lady culprit completely denied her involvement in the fracas as she called the victim who saved her job a snitch. Ungrateful, right?

Just for the culture, Toscani ordered 3 shrimp fried rice plates for lunch to the office for the three of them and the lady culprit took the fried rice with a big smile. Like, wow. “I LOVE shrimp fried rice – the thief,” he wrote.

“I wish I could close this up with a neat little bow, but, it appears that we may never know why she did it. Maybe she doesn’t know she did it. Either way I’m now forced to work 40hrs a week next to a cold blooded individual,” the cliffhanger tweet read.

Zak Toscani said in a recent update on the thread that the lady culprit has not yet seen his thread or she is thoroughly pretending not to have read it. Either way, lets hope that when she finally reads the thread, the pretense will continue, Zak Toscani’s life is more important for future update on such captivating scenes.

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