New Britain Law Makes Things Harder for Opponents of Organ Donating

Organ Donation

Each day at least three people in need of an organ transplant die, yet such lives could be saved if more people were willing to trade their organs in the event of their death.

A law passed by the government of England ruled out that starting 2020, all adults will be considered potential organ donors unless they choose to opt out of the system or they happen to belong to an excluded groups with hope to save and improve at least 700 lives yearly.

Unlike the current system where people opt-in by signing the NHS Organ Donor Register, the new system presumes that adults in England are in favour of donating their organs when they die.

Those who do not wish to wish to donate their organs will have to opt out via the NHS Organ Donor register. The opt-out system, the government said will encourage families to discuss the option of organ donation with their loved ones in the event of their death.

82% of individuals support organ donation, but only 37% have recorded their wishes to donate their organs upon death according to research conducted in England

A 32-year-old Hayley Louise Jordan who succumbed to a brain haemorrhage donated her organs which saved six lives including two children. She had signed the organ donor register before her death.

“My Hayley had gone, she wasn’t there any more. Now I’ve got comfort knowing she’s saved, six recipients. I just want them to have a healthy and happy life, that’s the comfort I get now. I just wanted some good to come from it,” Hayley’s mother noted.

According to the Chief Executive of the British Heart Foundation Simon Gillespie, introducing an opt-out system in England would reflect the views of the general public better.

“This will ease the agonising pain felt by many families who risk losing a loved one while they wait for an organ. It’s still really important for all of us to have conversations with our loved ones about organ donation so our wishes can be met if the worst should happen,” he said.

Supporters of organ donation, believe it’s such a noble thing to give life as more than 5,000 people are currently on the waiting list hoping someone will come through for them.

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