Kenya Bans Single Use Plastic In Recreational Centers

Plastic Bottles

Two years ago, the Kenyan government through NEMA banned the manufacture, use, and sale of plastic bags a product that was quickly degrading the environment. Instead, a much more environmentally friendly substitute was introduced in place of the plastic bags and over time, Kenyans adapted to the new product.

President Uhuru, while addressing the opening plenary of Day 3 of the ongoing Women Deliver 2019 Conference, in Vancouver Canada,  announced a ban on single-use plastics in beaches, national parks, forests, and conservation areas. that the ban will take effect on June 5, 2020.

“Sustainable environment is a guarantee to a healthy, better and productive society. And that is why women and girls who are key victims of unsustainable practices must own this campaign as part of the gender equality campaign,” Uhuru said

This implies that  Kenyans planning to have some good time at the beach or national parks are banned from carrying water bottles, plastic plates, plastic cups, plastic spoons, and forks alike. Plastic water bottles have been at the front of environmental pollution in Kenya, especially in rivers, and city dumpsites.

This announcement comes in a few days after, Kenya PET Recycling Company (PETCO), Kenya’s industry body for the manufacturers and retailers of plastic bottled goods, unveiled 5 drop-off sites in the city, where the public will be returning their recyclable products such as Plastic bottles, shampoo bottles, glass bottles, among others  to the recycling partners.

PETCO Kenya Chairman John Withaka said that the drop-off points would offer consumers a solution for a disposal site for their recyclables, which currently end up in dumpsites. These drop-sites will allow their recycling partners to receive uncontaminated plastic bottles and other fractions for them to be able to manufacture new products such as polyester fibre, brush bristles, water tanks and composite building boards.

“In line with our core strategy for 2019, which is to stimulate the collection and recycling of post-consumer PET packaging, aside from Capital Centre, we will be setting up similar sites at Two Rivers Mall, Shell Petrol station on Argwings Kodhek Road, South End Mall, Ciata Mall and of course Chandarana supermarkets also offer this facility in partnership with our members.,” said Waithaka.

Moving forward, PETCO plans to run an activation with the Kenya Residents Association in a residential area in Nairobi to create consumer awareness on sound disposal practices.

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