Kenya Transit Visa Requirements

transit visa

A transit visa is issued to a person connecting through Kenya to other destinations within a period not exceeding 72 hours or three days.

It is a temporary visa which is usually given when somebody is in the country for a short period during his/her journey. If you are connecting flights directly without leaving the airport, you do not need any visa for Kenya.

In case a minor (under 18 years) is traveling on their own, they are required to have a written consent from either parent. A transit visa will only cost you 20 USD (Kshs 2000) in Kenya.


  • Two Visa application forms to be duly filled, signed and dated.
  •  Copies of onward ticket/itinerary to a third destination.
  •  Two copies of valid Passport/travel document with a validity of at least 6 months.
  • Two passport size photos of the applicant.
  • At least one blank page in the holder’s passport.