These Hilarious Memes Will Remind You Of The Hustle For Huduma Namba

Huduma Namba registration

Huduma Namba has been trending for the better part of the day as some Kenyans refuse to comprehend while others are still shocked by the contents of a proposed Huduma Namba Bill 2019.

“With the Huduma Namba, every individual resident shall have a mandatory obligation to present it in order to be issued with basic public services like passport, driver’s license, paying taxes, transacting in financial markets, open a bank account, access universal health care benefits among others, ” reads a section of the Bill.

The bill also proposes outrageous fines and heavy jail terms for those who contravene Huduma Namba, emphasizing to the public how dire this identification number is.

“Transaction without Huduma Namba and an offence for failure to register at birth will each attract one-year imprisonment or Ksh 1M fine. Any enrollment offences will be punishable by a five years jail term or Ksh 5M,” reads another section of the Bill.

As expected  Kenyans on Twitter have been firing salvos at the government for all the right reasons, questioning what happened to the court ruling that discouraged the government from making Huduma Namba a prerequisite to obtaining basic public services. Here are some of the hilarious memes that will throw you back to the hustle of getting the Huduma Namba.

1. And why on earth would someone not register for Huduma Namba?

2.  Dear government, one day at a time, please.

3. Lol! But why? You ask.

4. When you know the secret to kenyans hearts

5. Local Man is Happy.

6. It ain’t stopping.

7. For those of us who will be deported.

8. Where did we go wrong?

9. When you thought the court was gonna save the day.

10. How the government is looking into the future.

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