Fake Jesus Passes On Few Days After Visiting Kenyan Christians

Fake Jesus Dead.

‘Fake Jesus,’ a US-based preacher who was throwing Kenyan Christians into a frenzy for a few days he was in the country is no more. Michael Job succumbed to pneumonia while receiving treatment if reports by practitioners at Heyn Hospital is anything to go by.

Prior to his admission to the hospital, ‘fake Jesus’ was in Kenya for a visit dubbed “Jesus Visits Kenya Event.” A couple of days ago, during his visit, he was rocking his long, flowing blonde hair, a goatee, donned in a white robe and he emerged on a stage where thousands of Kenyans cheered and applauded him as a guest speaker. According to his background, Michael Job was an ordained minister who ran Jesus Loves You Evangelistic Ministries in Florida.

But his actions drew controversy from religious leaders who were agitated by the foreigner mocking their faith by pretending to be Jesus himself accusing him of being an “imposter” and a “fake.”

“A Kenyan pastor claims he has found Jesus Christ walking on the streets of Kenya. Took the White man (sic) to his church, gave him a warm welcome and now his church followers are happy that Jesus has finally come back!” one person commented on Twitter.

His Ministry had gone ahead to issue a statement asserting that Job was indeed an American Minister and they further refuted the “Fake Jesus claims,” and he went ahead to clear the big misunderstanding all associated with his visit.

“Some people, known as “internet trolls,” have made false reports about me claiming to be Jesus, Jesus’ second coming starting in Kenya, me being found and worshipped in churches, and me being deported with pastors from the country. All of which are fake news,” he cleared the air.

Unfortunately, his nine-day crusade was brought to a quick halt when local authorities decided to intervene in the matter and quickly deport him from Kenya and arrest the Kenyan pastors that invited him into the country.

SOURCEThe Citizen
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