Kenyans Love Their Alcohol, and we got Census Memes to Prove it

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Lovers of alcohol are not very pleased after Interior Cabinet Secretary Dr Fred Matiangi, ordered the closure of bars 5 pm to 6 am on both Saturday and Sunday as Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) officials conduct the census. He urged the public to be at their residences on the Reference Night so that Census can be conducted smoothly as planned.

“So please be available in your house on Saturday to ensure you are counted. That is why we will have all the social places, especially bars, closed from 5 pm so that we give everyone an ample time to be home by 6 pm when enumerators will be coming to count you,” said Matiangi.

In a trending #Census2019, Kenyans on Twitter, have shared funny memes and short video clips on how they are going to beat Matiangi at his game, no matter how important the census is.

Here are some of the funny memes.

1.Brain cell 1 to brain cell 2

2. At 5 pm when enumerators walk in, there will be no man standing.

3. Lol! Can someone halla grammar cops.

4. How alcoholics will be slithering back into their cribs Saturday morning.

5. We got our arses covered just in case Matiangi plays tricks on us with a one-day extension.

6. Till death do us part, no man can put asunder.

7. We are the smartest of them all.

8. Alcohol and football is food for the soul. EPL fanatics where you at?

9. Stocking up for the long weekend ahead. No beer no census.

10. For keeps.

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