Man on Ventilator After Trusted Public Officers Defrauded Him

Man on Ventilator

The last terrible thing that should ever happen in your life is encountering a conman, at that time of the month when you are singing your way back home to foot some bills and squander the rest.

A 28-year-old Tanzanian man met the unimaginable in his life when he trusted the wrong hands with his hard earned money. Awadh Hamadi, contacted two delegates from his ward to help him purchase a motorbike worth 10.5 Million Tanzania shillings which equals Ksh 47000. But the delegates, wolves in sheep’s clothes, played a dirty card on the lad, defrauding him all the cash.

When it hit Awadh that he had lost his money to conmen, he started experiencing breathing complications but was luckily rushed to a National Hospital in Tanzania where he was admitted and with the aid of a machine, his breathing was restored to normal. He is said to have suffered from high blood pressure when he realized that the men he had trusted had flipped the script on him.

“I have been admitted for ten days now, I experienced high blood pressure and my heart was beating slowly after I realized I had been conned. They told me that they knew of a wealthy guy who can help me out and they brought him and I filled some form. I trusted him because I  went through a local government office at Kipawa Ward where I handed over the money with two delegates being witnesses,” he confessed

The ward executive of Kipawa however said that her office was not aware of the matters and the government delegate said to have received the cash was not available for comment. However, one of the delegates said that she was aware of the matter as she witnessed the payment and went ahead to note that the ownership of the bodaboda, is yet to be transferred into Awadhs name.

“This is fraud because they said i will ave the motorbike in two days but it is now three weeks and still I haven’t seen it,” Awadh said.

Awadh must have been really scared because he had gotten the money through contributions from good Samaritans, and chose to invest the money n Bodaboda so he can ear a decent living.