This Kenyan Ecommerce Company Lets Budding Entrepreneurs Have their Cake and Eat it

A majority of Kenyans have tapped into the e-commerce industry thanks to increased purchasing power, availability of suitable products online, awareness of available opportunities, levels of literacy and degree of confidence in online trade platforms. The establishment of stable telecommunications licensing environment in Kenya has seen the E-commerce landscape grow much faster to accommodate more investors and entrepreneurs into space.

The cost of setting up a physical shop somewhere in town could cost an entrepreneur about Ksh 700,000 most factors included. It could take a couple of months if not years before the business starts generating revenues or close indefinitely, but the online version of this venture puts an entrepreneur on the map.

While e-commerce has put money in the pockets of many entrepreneurs, it has failed to give them brand recognition and growth, a niche that a platform that helps businesses set up their own shop online for deliveries both locally and internationally and receive payment across different platforms has cut for itself.

“A lot of people want to establish their businesses and grow their brands, but most e-commerce platforms do not offer that opportunity. As a vendor, you are forced to hide under the name of the e-commerce platform to sell, so at the end of the day in as much as you are selling, no one really recognizes your brand. Business is about growth and brand recognition and that has been our core principle at Mzizzi,” said Dayvee, Mzizzi Project Director.

With over 700 mercantile agents trading on the platform, it’s typically the best market for any products. At the comfort of your home or office, Mzizzi helps you run your business without much hustle. Once you log onto, click on sell, fill up the provided form then upload nice quality photos all free of charge. Mzizzi team immediately sets you up with a webshop ideally containing the name of your product, the price, and a share link, or you can use your own domain.

Mzizzi prides itself in having a robust payment system that protects both buyers and sellers. Through its parent company Paytree Group, money checks into the account of a vendor once the product has been delivered to the customer after it has been picked from the sellers’ location by Mzizzi’s delivery agent.

“Our goal is to build your business by empowering you to sell online. The likes of Kylie Cosmetics make billions of dollars through e-commerce. We only ask for 4.5% of what they sell through our platform. For us it is about the numbers, the more people sell through Mzizzi, the more we grow.

“We are doing away with the traditional way of having to wait a whole three months for your stock to be depleted, so the wholesaler can pay you. We are able to circulate money more frequently in our transaction chain to enable the business to restock faster to meet the demand of customers,” he added.

The future is definitely brighter for Mzizzi. With a bigger budget, they are looking to expand their operations to accommodate more vendors on their platform. Unlike some of their competitors who sabotage entrepreneurs making huge profits from their platform, knocking them out of business through self-competition, Mzizzi has remained genuine and loyal to its sellers. Soon they will be opening a warehouse for the vendors and teach them how to manage their webshops.

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