Court Suspends Increment Of Parking Fees In Nairobi

Parking fee doubled

The High Court has temporarily suspended the increment of parking fees in Nairobi pending the hearing of a case filed by the Consumer Federation Of Kenya (COFEK).  COFEK lawyer Henry Kurauka yesterday went to court to stop City Hall from doubling parking fees from Sh200 to Sh400 saying the decision to increase parking fees was unconstitutional because the Nairobi County Government had failed to conduct a proper public participation exercise.

On Monday, Nairobi Motorists were slapped with a notice from the City Hall stating that from today Wednesday they will start paying Ksh400 daily parking charges in the Central Business District (CBD), an amount twice what they have been paying.

According to City Hall Director Tom Tinega, ward representatives had made the necessary made to the Finance Act, 2019 to assist the county to raise additional revenue and that the new charges had been divided into three categories based on the Nairobi city zones.

“The new fees and charges will take effect from Wednesday, December 4 in accordance with the Finance Act, 2019 enacted into law on September 25, 2019. One will also be required to top up the parking fees if migrating to a Zone with a higher charge as will be applicable,” said Mr. Tinega.

In the notice, buses were required to pay Ksh1, 000 as daily parking fees. Private vehicles were required to pay Ksh7, 000 for a one-month seasonal parking ticket, Ksh18, 000 for three months, Ksh32, 000 for six months and Ksh55, 000 for a year. Motorists who lose their tickets would have to cough Ksh1,000 per ticket to get another copy of the seasonal ticket.

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