Kenya’s Private Healthcare Exposed to be Heartless Enterprise


The Public healthcare system in Kenya is faced with a myriad of problems, that have left many at the mercy of the private sector which is making a fortune out of them. Motivated by an insatiable appetite for quick money, most medical practitioners in these healthcare systems have devised mischevious ways to pry on poor Kenyans.

In a viral thread seen by Urbwise, KOT have exposed the rot going on in most hospitals, detailing their harrowing experience when they went seeking treatment in these facilities. “Thread on how private hospitals discuss your healthcare, like a commodity. Part expose, part commentary, part rant,” begins the lengthy conversation on Twitter.

A screenshot from a WhatsApp group of the staff of a renowned hospital reveals a plan hatched to delay discharging patients so as to hit a target set by the CEO and COO.

In this group, numbers dominate the conversation as the grandmasters keep tabs on the staff. Targets are highlighted, statuses updated and figures posted. Few who fault the plan get scolded. Revenues must be achieved by all means and everyone must be a team player.

Apart from delaying discharges and revoking others, they resort to admitting patients unnecessarily and sending them to the lab for tests that will squeeze money out of the pockets of walk-in patients without reciprocating quality services to them. One woman complained in a Facebook group of how every time she takes her daughter to Nairobi women, the doctor demands she be admitted without second thoughts.

The thread attracted lots of reactions from victims who shared their experiences with other healthcare providers in Kenya, bringing to light the issue of Health Insurances and how almost insignificant they in the private sectors.

Health is key among President Uhuru’s Big 4 Agenda, but how long before the government cleans off the rot in the healthcare system at large?