Pastor Says People Who Post Food and New Clothes on Social Media Have a Low IQ

Food on Instagram

Your pastor is not doing his job very well if he has not preached about social media addiction. Truth it most of us want in on the fake life, so the world can know that we are making it out here despite our struggles to earn a decent living. We are all ambitious and a little show off to our adversaries is a good way to give them sleepless nights.

However, one Pastor has a different opinion with regards to folks who post food and clothes on social media.  Pastor Mensah Otabil is of the opinion that those who post photos of the food they eat and the new clothes they’ve bought on social media have low thinking capacity.

During his sermon on Sunday on the theme ‘Hunger for Excellence’ in a church in Accra, he said that trivial things like food and clothes don’t need to be widely published on social media as if they’re achievements.

He went ahead to challenge his congregation to yearn for excellence rather than looking at some basic things as an achievement. He also touched on those who join airplane and try to show off that they’re also traveling the world.

But his sermon rubbed folks the wrong way.

“Shame on you pastor, social media is for millennials not a man of god trying to find something worthy to pose. People don’t post for achievements they post out of joy, happiness, and togetherness, get a life pastor,” one Instagram user threw shade at him.

Clearly generational gap is taking a toll on this man of clothe, it will be a long while before he fathoms and comes to terms with the fact that this generation has an insatiable desire to show on social media.