This new ‘Pregnant’ Doll for Children on Amazon has got Parents Totally Conflicted

Pregnant doll sparks controversy

Most of us grew up knowing nothing about where children come from. We were okay with seeing our mothers tummy growing, only for them to disappear after a while and come back carrying a child in their arms. Our toys were simple, revealing little to nothing about a pregnancy until we were old enough to ask questions or experience it. But not anymore.

A new children’s doll with a detachable pregnancy cap selling on Amazon has sparked controversy among shoppers. A majority have expressed the fear that getting their children such a toy could encourage them to get pregnant at a young age.

Dinglong Real Pregnant Doll Suit Mum Doll and Dress has been shared widely on social media since it was posted on Amazon. Some say the doll has normalised pregnancy too much for young girls and made it into a fashion statement. The toy’s cap accessory selling at £3.89 contains a tiny baby, while the doll itself comes in a variety of different appearances

“Think this is so wrong. Why do little girls need to know about reproduction, let kids be kids,” complained one shopper

“I can understand maybe getting this for your child if you were pregnant and trying to explain to your child, but other than that, no just nooo!” said another.

“No wonder girls are getting pregnant from a very young age, they are making this a fashion statement. Let kids grow up naturally as we all did, they are learning from a young age in schools anyway which is not right so why glamourise it??” wrote one.

However, some parents were really excited to buy these dolls for their young ones. In this day and age were parents raise their children as they see fit, exposing them to what the real world is like at a young age, do not be surprised when the stock is depleted in days as demand soars.