Commissioner Wants Men to Give Their Wives A Chunk of Their Salaries

Married men to share salaries

Tanzania regional commissioner wants men to be generous enough with their monthly salaries. Paul Makonda has made it public of his intentions to talk Tanzania parliament into introducing a bill that will make it mandatory for men’s monthly salaries to be deducted and credited to their wives’ bank accounts. According to the commissioner, it hurts him to see women frustrated because they do not have money.

“I will petition the National Assembly to introduce a law that will see 40 per cent of salaries of men in formal employment deducted and credited to the bank accounts of their spouses who are housewives,” he said.

Additionally,  Makonda pushed for another law that will compel men to indicate on their wills that their wives would automatically inherit their husbands’ property if they happen to die before their partners. Last year Makonda mentioned that he was receiving lots of complaints from women who had been deceived by men and left financially crunched.

“You’ll find a single mum talking so negatively about her deadbeat ex-partner. One thing the woman should know is that the child wasn’t there when she and her partner first met. It is, therefore, wise to face your struggles alone, and don’t involve the children. Your toxic talk could have a near-permanent impact on the children, especially the girls, who could shun getting into heterosexual relationships because based on what their mothers told them they might think that all men are heart-breakers,” he said.

The outspoken government official cause a stir online when he said that the Government was working on publishing the identities of all married men to a website run by a State agency in put an end to the culture of infidelity.