KASNEB Postpones Exams Due To COVID-19 Pandemic


Good News to all KASNEB registered students. The Kenya Accountants and Secretaries National Examinations Board (KASNEB) has postponed 2020 May exams following the coronavirus crisis across the globe, that affected learning across Kenya.

This decision was informed by government directive on 15th March 2020 to suspend learning in all institutions with immediate effect, forcing universities, tertiary institutions to close down on Friday 20th. The Board announced new exam dates for May 2020 exams will be between July 28 and July 30, while registration and booking for the July 2020 exams were postponed.

“The Board of  KASNEB has taken unprecedented steps to postpone May exams. The exams will be now conducted between Tuesday 28th July and Thursday 30th July. This difficult decision has been taken following the widespread of COVID-19. We, however, urge students to continue preparing for the exams with the enthusiasm they had before. The deadline for reg registration and booking of the July exams has been extended to May 29” read an official statement by KASNEB.

Students have also been encouraged to make good use of the e-resources provided by the Board in their studies, and revisions to prepare for the exams. KASNEB is responsible for developing programmes, conducting of professional diploma and technical examinations and certification of candidates in accountancy, finance, credit, governance and management, information technology and related disciplines. It is also responsible for promotion of its qualifications locally and internationally besides the accreditation of relevant training institutions in liaison with the Ministry of Education.

This announcement comes as a relief to thousands of students who ere not well prepared for the exams which were around the corner.

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