7 Thriving Business Ventures For Kenyans Amid COVID-19


The economy is not at its best in this time of COVID-19 pandemic. Businesses have been forced to scale down their operations by sending employees home on unpaid leave while others have had to shut down their operations in line with government objectives to prevent the spread of COVid-19.

While a number of businesses have been affected by these measures, opportunities in some business ventures have emerged and entrepreneurs are making the most out of it. Consumers have been encouraged to stay at home and regularly wash their hands with soap and running water. Smart Kenyans have thought outside the box and decided to bridge the gap in ensuring that in a much as Kenyans are minimising movements by social distancing, they are comfortable in their houses with everything that they need.

Here are profitable ventures that entrepreneurs are currently minting money from.

1. Manufacturing sanitizers

To help the needy especially those in in the slums, politicians, well-wishers and other charitable organizations are donating plenty of hand sanitizers, foodstuff and other items to these communities to help them combat COVID-19. Now that supermarkets are running out of these sanitizers due to demand, such organizations resort to local manufactures due to economies of scale, they purchase in large quantities. Such a venture will never run out of demand for hand sanitize

2. Making liquid soap

The government has encouraged Kenyans to wash their hands with soap and running water regularly to kill the virus. Medics recommend that any soap can kill the germs. Producing liquid soap comes in handy because it is needed in bulk and citizens prefer it over the traditional bar soaps. Businesses that are still in operation will always make orders, or stock up thousands of bottles.

3. Water vending

In as much county authorities have been urged to provide Kenyans with free water, water shortage is a big challenge that in Nairobi and its environs. Now that water usage has short up, more ad more people are buying water often on a daily basis to stock up and for other uses. Supermarkets, open care markets ae required to provide water to customers, and water vendors can pocket those thousands

4. Homeschooling

While many parents are working from home, they have little time to teach their children at home. There is a high demand for tutors to help parents with homeschooling. Parents are looking for these tutors but do not know where to find them. An entrepreneur can come in as an intermediary. Set up a platform through which parents can source for tutors and tutors can sign up to connect with parents so they can offer their services

5. Selling Face masks

In as much as the government has embarked on large scale production of Personal Protective Equipment, against a population of 47 million, the demand is still insatiable. Lots of people have taken advantage of the situation and are producing these face masks with available material that is recommended. It is a booming business since the expenditure on these face masks is recurrent.

6. Supplying foodstuffs

Government has allowed suppliers to move freely across the country to supply foodstuffs all over because we need it. This will be a good time to go back to the farmers in your village, buy all the vegetables, fruits, meat product among other foodstuffs, bring them to major cities and sell at a good price. People need to eat, and supplies are needed.

7. Deliveries

Kenyans have turned to E-Commerce platform to make purchases. These e-commerce platforms need people to help in picking orders and making deliveries across the areas. As an entrepreneur, you can help in staffing these retailers, an opportunity that will help youths earn a living during COVID-19 crisis.