List of Kenyans Entitled to Monthly Stipend from Government amid COVID-19

Health CS, Mutahi Kagwe

As COVID-19 strikes hard on Kenyan soil, the government has been forced to come up with measures to protect the public from the pandemic using its revenue and funds from external sources. Against a population of 47 Million, the government has reached out to the very needy and less fortunate to keep them going during these tough times in the country.

In so doing the government has allocated some amount of money to the most vulnerable in the country to be channelled into their accounts. As the tally of those infected with the virus spikes, it is prudent for the government to act rationally. According to government spokesperson Cyrus Oguna, the programme to distribute money to the few individuals is part is an extension of what has already been in the system.

“The government has been supporting the elderly, people living with severe disabilities and orphans. It has now decided to expand the programme,” Oguna added.

They will be pocketing Ksh 2500 monthly to cushion them against the COVID-19 crisis. They include;

1. The Elderly

They have been receiving a monthly stipend from the government. They will continue to receive the money during this time of crisis perhaps on a timely basis so they will not have to wait for years before it gets to their account.

2. Orphans

They will benefit largely from the Kitty as the government is planning to trace the channelling of these funds to every last one of them to ensure that it does not lose sight in between. They have been beneficiaries of this program too since it kicked off

3. Widows

Like the other categories, they will also be receiving Ksh 2500 on a monthly basis

4. The disabled

During this time of crisis, they will be prioritised in receiving the monthly stipend.

Local authorities will be making rounds in villages to identify all the members of the society who fall in these groups of people and ensure that they are registered into the program.