South Africans All Over Google With ‘How to Make Alcohol’ Searches


The latest statistics on COVID-19 shot that there are at least 1.5 million people infected with the virus and over 81000 deaths reported globally. Nations across the works are battling the virus with all the can with Italy, United States and France among the hard hit. Government of these nations have been putting up stringent measures to prevent the speed of the virus including social distancing and in some cases social distancing which has forced people to stay at home.

As more cases on the spread of the virus are being confirmed across the people staying at home are looking for ways to make themselves creative to survive the lockdown and the curfew. When COVID-19 cases started rising across nations, supermarkets ran out of toiletries and other essential products as shoppers were panic buying so as to stock u for a potential lockdown. Those who missed out on the rush or ran out of stock resorted to google to search up ways to make toilet paper.

Toilet papers were not the only products that were cleared off the shelves, people were also buying booze in bulk for the long lonely days ahead of them and others resorted to googling how to make alcohol while at home.

In South Africa which is currently under lockdown, netizens are all over google searching alcohol-related content. As South Africa’s lockdown clicked week two, according to Google, searches on Google South Africa for ‘alcohol ban south africa’ had shot up over the past week. Top searches were on ‘how to get alcohol’ and ‘homemade alcohol’.

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In Australia, retailers were forced to ration the number of bottles a person could buy, because the authorities had learned that citizens were drinking too much during the lockdown.