DCI Warns Kenyans of Scammers and Fraudsters Online During COVID-19 Crisis


COVID-19 pandemic is bringing the worse out of some Kenyans as they have resorted to unscrupulous means to make ends meet. The Director of Criminal Investigations (DCI)  has warned Kenyans about, fraudsters masquerading as operators of online shops selling sanitizers, Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) including facemasks and even shields. The DCI warned that scammers and fraudsters use these businesses as fronts to collect crucial information which could be used to blackmail victims.

“As payments for such items are being made, we urge more vigilance hence discourage the use of Free Wi-Fi, purchase of substandard items, and fraud, particularly sharing financial and personal information,” read the circular.

Kenyans were also cautioned about fishy home deliveries as some may be done by criminals as who have laced the products with sleep inducers or drugs, which could result into the victims losing their consciousness and get robbed in board daylight.  About links luring Kenyans into getting free goodies online from the government, the DCI asked Kenyans to refrain from the temptation of clicking on them.

“Such links have largely been found to be infected with malware that triggers mining of personal information, passwords, photos, contacts among other valuables that are subsequently used to extort, for cyberbullying, stealing of finances among other ills,” the investigative agency warned.

This comes at a time when the government has imposed a dusk to dawn curfew, and a mandatory quarantine for those who are caught flouting the curfew orders. Those living from hand to mouth are having a hard time surviving as some are yet to benefit from the government money set to help the needy and the vulnerable in society.

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