COVID-19 Could Last Up to 6 Months If There Is No Vaccine – Amref Doctor

Its day 42 days since COVID-19 was reported in Kenya. For the last one month Kenyans have been forced to make very critical decisions regarding their finances in the face of these tough economic times with the hope that things will get back to normal soon. But it might be a long while before things better. According to Amref Health Africa Group CEO Dr Githinji Gitahi. Kenya is staring at another four to six month in the COVID-19 crisis.

While speaking to Jeff Koinange on Citizen TV, Gitahi pointed out that without a vaccine, defeating COVID-19 will be a nightmare that any country will face each day before things get back to normal.

“We expect that the measures being taken are going to take long. Our estimate show it would take 4-6 months. But remember even if those measures get removed we will get a second wave of infections because the people who would have not been infected and have no immunity will still get exposed,” he said.

Using logic, he explains that, when over 60% of the population is infected, the virus will be forced to slow down, as there will be no more people to be infected. According to government only 5% of those infected need intense medical care, which explains the measures put in place by government to prevent the rate of infections.

“This thing (COVID-19) is not about the government, it’s about you and I. The fact that you are in Mombasa and you escape curfew and managed to go to a bar and have a drink with your friends doesn’t make you a hero it actually makes you a reckless person,” Gitahi stated.

He urged Kenyans to abide by the government preventive measures, to prevent the spread pf the virus.