Bald Men at Higher Risk of Contracting Coronavirus – Study

COVID-19, Bald Men

Over time COVID-19 has developed a strong liking for the male species. Latest global statistics have revealed that of the 7million global infection a majority of the population is men. While there has been no scientific evidence to pinpoint the reason why men contract the virus much faster, some scientists have linked it to behavioural patterns in them.

That puts men at risk of transmitting the virus to their partners and families. A new study has revealed that the virus, has developed a thing for men with underlying genetic conditions. World Health Organization informed the public that COVID-19 is deadly to the elderly and those with an underlying medical condition, but the list of those vulnerable goes beyond. New evidence has emerged showing that bald men are at high risk of contracting COVID-19.

Some researchers are now suggesting that baldness should be considered a risk factor after linking it to the death of US first physician to die of the virus. The lead author of the key study, Prof Carlos Wambier of Brown University, strongly suggested that baldness is a perfect predictor of severity of the virus.

For baldness, scientists believe that androgens, which are male sex hormones like testosterone, are likely to play a part not only in hair loss but also in levelling the grounds for coronavirus to attack cells.

“We think androgens or male hormones are definitely the gateways for the virus to enter our cells,” Prof Wambier told Telegraph.

Treatments suppressing these hormones, such as those used for baldness as well as diseases like prostate cancer, could be used to slow the virus down, giving patients time to heal from the virus. Scientists have launched trials to find a cure for the condition to clear the ground for COVID-19.