Tanzania Has a Shortage of Chicken, Even as They Burn Live Chicks from Kenya

Tanzania doesn't have enough Chicken, but doesn't want help from Kenya

Tanzania Chicken

Since the torching of 6,400 day-old chicks on September last year and another 5,000 chicks on February this year, Tanzania has been struggling with the shortage of chicken and eggs. The 5,000 day old chicks as well as the 6,400 chicks worth Sh 577,000 which were impounded at the Northern Namanga border with Kenya were set ablaze so as to prevent the spread of birds’ flu in Tanzania and also the importer was said not to have the necessary documents.

The situation of chicks and eggs shortage arose after the February 2018 torching and also due to the imposition of an importation ban by the Tanzanian government through the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries Development. The ban was aimed at protecting local breeding companies as well as facilitating the country’s actual demand and local producers supply assessment.

To fill the demand over supply gap, Tanzanian government has initiated a Sh56 billion poultry project in Kilimanjaro region in Tanzania. Dr. Mary Mashingo, the P.S in the Ministry of livestock and fisheries in Tanzania who had graced the launch said that “to discuss chicks shortage in the country, Tanzanian government plans on meeting with stakeholders and investors in the chicken production.”

In November last year, the Tanzanian government targeted at increasing its broilers and layers production to at least 3 million with its currents number of investors in the poultry sector being 22 and only producing 700,000 per week. This target has not yet been hit.

The sh56 billion project is meant to be complete by year 2023 and upon its completion, it will produce 4 million chicks per month as well creating more than 400 direct jobs.

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