Safaricom NoLonger Alerts Subscribers When Airtime Gets Depleted


For a little over two weeks now, Safaricom subscribers have not been receiving the usual airtime depletion notification that comes right before your call is disconnected. The unmissable single tone notification has always warned callers of the impending disconnection due to depleted airtime, at least this gives you the opportunity to wrap up the conversation or at least alert the person on the other end to give you a call.

For one reason or the other, this notification has been missing in action. This has left so many subscribers talking to themselves or their conversation cut off abruptly without prior warning. One user took it to Twitter to complain about the issue, “So @Safaricom_Care doesn’t warn you anymore if your airtime is over and your call about to be disconnected. You’re just left there talking to yourself,” read the tweet.

This complaint was echoed by a few more Safaricom subscribers, who expressed their dissatisfaction over the missing notification. Safaricom, through their official customer care account, replied saying that the airtime depletion notification is not working due to a technical hitch, “We understand your frustration… We have a slight hitch affecting the airtime depletion notification and faulting is currently underway,” said Safaricom.

Despite the assurance from Safaricom, it has been weeks since the airtime depletion notification stopped working and even hours later after the complain, the issue has not yet been resolved. There are unconfirmed reports that Safaricom is working on launching an “Auto Okoa” service that will automatically advance okoa jahazi airtime of a pre-specified amount to subscribers once their airtime is depleted without the call being disconnected. This new development could be the reason why airtime depletion notification is currently missing in action.

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