Safaricom Shop Opens iPhone XS Pre-Orders Bundled with Free Case and Data


Apple released the new iPhone Xs in September and as expected, the device would retail at $1000 with higher spec’d version going all the way up to $1500. The device is finally making its way to Kenya, at least through Safaricom for now and the starting price will spark the usual online debate of why you’d buy a smartphone instead of buying land.

Starting at Kes.149,999, the price is significantly higher than Apple’s recommended retail price, even putting into consideration taxes and all. However, this is not surprising as Safaricom Shop has been known to put a premium on device prices, just look at what they did to the “budget” Infinix Hot S3.

If you are looking to get higher spec’d versions of the iPhone XS, you will have to part with more:

  • iPhone XS 256GB – Kes.169,999
  • iPhone XS 512GB – Kes.199,999

The prices are even crazier for the larger iPhone XS Max, starting at Kes.164,999 and the higher spec’d version digging even deeper into your bank account:

  • iPhone XS Max 256GB – Kes.184,999
  • iPhone XS Max 512GB – Kes.214,999

To put things into perspective, importing a 512GB iPhone XS Max through a service like Vitumob will cost you a mere Kes.182,052 –  I know it is not mere but it’s a far cry from what Safaricom Shop is asking.

To cushion the high prices, Safaricom Shop will be bundling an original iPhone leather case worth Kes.5,999 and 20GB of data with the pre-order of any iPhone XS model.

Anyway, if these prices shock you as they do me, it means we are not the target market. If you’ve got the bank account to support such a purchase, take your best shot. As for me, I will continue sipping my tea as I scroll on my free Samsung Galaxy Note9.

What is Money? Pre-Order the iPhone XS

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