Nairobi Takes Steps to Enforce Law on Breastfeeding at Establishments


Nairobi could soon have business establishments that are breastfeeding friendly. A motion passed by Nairobi Members of County Assembly (MCAs) pushes the government to ensure hotels and other businesses create spaces where nursing or breastfeeding mothers can do that with ease.

This will affect building designs going forward as Nairobi catches on with other progressive cities that recognize the need to be all inclusive when designing spaces for public use. Businesses will be denied license renewals if this motion gets adopted by the county government.

The world over there has been controversy over mothers breastfeeding in pubic and if this comes to action it will make Nairobi such a comfortable for lactating mothers. In general inclusiveness in public spaces include designing elevators that cater to persons with disabilities, visual signs for those who can’t read and common spaces for both men and women to change babies’ diapers.

SOURCEBusiness Daily
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