Services You Can Get From Huduma Centres

Huduma Kenya

Huduma Centres have transformed the lives of many Kenyans making it better and easier. It is not only through services provision but also financially. Previously, getting official documents was not easily, you had to queue for hours on end at the district administrations office to access services and sometimes you had to pay some money to get services. Since Huduma Centres were launched, getting services is so easy. Huduma Centres links the government and the citizens. They are found in all the 47 counties.

Here are the services Huduma Centre offers:

  • Duplicate National Identification card
  • Renewal of driving license and status check
  • NSSF Registration
  • NSSF member statement and benefits
  • NHIF Registration and Claims
  • NHIF member statement and accredited institutions
  • Student Loan Application – HELB
  • Student Loan Repayment Services – HELB
  • PPOA Filing reviews and/or addressing complaints in procurement and disposal
  • Reporting Corruption – EACC
  • EACC Clearance Certificate
  • Nairobi City Single Business Permit
  • Search and Registration of Business Names
  • Status of Pension Claims
  • Kenya Police Abstract
  • Public Complaints through the Commission on Administrative Justice
  • Community Policing (NyumbaKumi)
  • Assessment and payment of Stamp duty (Lands)
  • Registration of Welfare Groups
  • Issuance of Seasonal NCC tickets

Huduma Centre Kenya programme is co-ordinated by the ministry of Devolution and Planning through the Huduma Kenya Secretariat. For more information contact Huduma Kenya Secretariat through:

Tel: +254 020 2227411

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