Flex Bundles Exit Gracefully As Safaricom Favours All in One Bundles

Flex bundles

Safaricom recently introduced All In One Bundle, which will from now onwards replace FLEX Bundles.

FLEX, a one bundle product with key variables including, voice, SMS and data with flex units accumulating in value, every time one sends money via M-Pesa was introduced by the Telco to offer its customers flexibility and convenience.

The bundles were available to all Safaricom PrePay and individual PostPay customers who subscribed to FLEX, giving them the freedom to choose to use their airtime to buy Flex Units for data, voice and SMS messaging with no fixed allocation to any of the three services. Each Flex unit was worth 3MB of data, or a 20 seconds call, or three SMS. Customers with an active Flex plan earned 3 free Flex units every one transacted over Sh100 via M-Pesa.

To purchase Flex Bundles, customers dialed *100# or * 200#. Signing up for Flex came with three options – Daily Flex for Sh 99 offering 115 Flex units; Weekly Flex for Sh 599 offering 700 Flex units; and Monthly Flex at Sh 2,499  offering  3,100 Flex units and one could renew the unused units before expiry.

The Flex Bundles has now been successfully replaced by All in One Bundle. The all in one bundle comes in three option- 5GB Internet Data;  4GB Internet data plus 200 minutes plus 1000sms; 1GB data bundles plus 400 minutes, plus 1000sms. By dialing *544# customers can enjoy more data and minutes.

The flexibility goes in the All in One Bundle while what’s on offer increases. All while giving you an option to choose from a data only, voice heavy or a balance of voice and data when picking from a pool of 5 price segments starting from Kshs 1000 to 10,000.

Flex bundle has ceased appearing on the menu of Safaricom subscribers who have not used it in the past, and will remain available for those who previously used it. Safaricom will however stay convincing subscribers to hop over to the All in One Bundle.

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