Nairobi Issues High Alert for Cholera

Nairobi slums

Cholera outbreak has hit the city of Nairobi again. Poor management of solid waste, urban flooding, clogged drainage, obstructed waterways due to outpaced improvements in the infrastructures among others are triggers of Cholera in the city.

In 2017 more than 4,000 cases were reported across the country, 70% of them in Nairobi among them an outbreak in a high-end hotel.

Nairobi city has been under constant threat from the Cholera outbreak. The recent incident was confirmed on March 20 by the county health director urging all sub-counties to be on high alert.

” The county is experiencing a wave if cholera outbreak which was confirmed yesterday 20th March 2019. In this regard, I’m requesting all referral hospitals to reactivate their cholera treatment units to prevent the spread of the disease. All sub-counties should be on high alert and treat all suspected cases of cholera. Please also reactive your sub-county response team, ” read the statement by Nairobi County Director of Health Dr Lucina Koyio

Emerging small towns among them the city’s massive informal settlements have been identified as a direct threat to water, sanitation and hygiene sustainability. In the slums, open sewers that are overflowing, bringing flash floods with them together with harmful waste get washed into the rivers that wind through the city into rivers whose is water is consumed by many.

Transmitted through ingesting food or water contaminated with cholera germs,  public health officials across the country are encouraged to identify and trace people who have the disease as well as the reporting, treatment and management of suspected cases.

The county government is mandated to enforce infrastructural standards,  maint sanitation facilities, provide health education as well as the provision of medical care to prevent potential disasters that could endanger more lives

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