AAR Insurance Pays Boniface Mwangi’s Claim After Regulatory Authority Intervention

AAR Insurance
Boniface Mwangi In Hospital

After lodging a complaint against AAR Insurance for defaulting his Insurance cover on social media, activist Boniface Mwangi received massive support from Kenyans on twitter who bashed the insurer, invoking the intervention of Insurance Regulatory Authority to settle the dispute.

AAR Insurance, after a meeting with the Insurance Regulatory Authority, agreed to settle Boniface Mwangi’s hospital bill, which they had backed away from.

” Yesterday l lodged a complaint with Insurance Regulatory Authority. Today we had a meeting with @ira_kenya and @AAR_Insurance. AAR has agreed to settle my hospital bill. Thank you to every single person who stood with me. l appreciate you. #SemaUkweli,”  he wrote on Twitter.

The insurance firm had tried silencing the complaint lodged by the activist to set the record straight and restore public confidence.  AAR Insurance flexed its Public Relation muscle by paying influencers to sweep the mess under the carpet by spreading the good gospel while attacking the activist under the hashtag #AARInsuranceFacts.

But the public rode on the hashtag blasting the Insurance firm for handling the matter like amateurs. Most of them reacted to the fact that the Insurer would rather pay influencers to attack victims instead of resolving the complaint amicably without the drama that has tarnished its reputation in the public eye.

Insurance Sector in Kenya is largely a scam with public trust currently quite low. The insurers have adopted fraudulent policies to avoid paying most of their clients who are middle-income earners, siphoning their resources away in the name of regulations. Most Kenyans would prefer to put their money into an asset for unforeseen circumstances than give it to insurance firms because of their complicated structures and rules.

The case of Boniface Mwangi is just one of the few that have been brought into the limelight. With the Insurance Regulatory Authority intervening, Kenyans can only hope that the body will look further into other cases and vindicate its victims while heavily punishing the guilty.

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