Woman Spends Jackpot Money On Cosmetic Surgery and Looks the Same

cosmetic Surgery
Melissa After Cosmetic Surgery

Investments come in different portions. Most winners of lotteries, betting and gambling in Kenya love to invest some of the money in a piece of land somewhere and blow the remaining on expensive holiday destination or friends.

But one Melissa Ede a former taxi driver chose to invest in her looks. Melissa who won a mega jackpot on a scratchcard in 2017 worth £4,000,000 has revealed that she has spent a chunk of the money on cosmetic works.

Melissa has unveiled her new look to the world noting that she sent a whopping £50,000 saying she is feeling ‘more beautiful than ever’ after having cosmetic work done and that the process and the amount spent on it is totally worth it.

Cosmetic Surgery
Melissa before Cosmetic Surgery

January this year, she made up her mind to undergo a grueling nine-hour dental procedure to rework her dental formula and put it in the right shape and in the past few weeks, she has had some more fillers in her lips and cheeks to make her ‘more beautiful.’ There is no much difference between the old Melissa and the New Melissa, apart from the flawless dental formula that was worth her money and expensive makeup on her face, but she ain’t stopping there.

” I don’t think there is a budget for beauty. My surgeon has done a really great job. It was really cheap,’ she said.

She went ahead to explain that she will be soon seeing her cosmetic work doctor for a facelift and nose job. She added that her fans are head over heels for her new look and that she keeps getting younger by day.

” I am going for a consultation next week about a facelift and nose job. I posted a picture of me up [on social media] yesterday. The comments are brilliant saying I look years younger. I have to take my driving license out, I am scared I am going to get ID’d. I’m just looking younger by the day. I’m Hull’s very own Katie Price,” she boasted.

” It makes you feel good. Some of it is painful but no pain, no gain,” a fan encouraged her.

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