These Affordable Nairobi Restaurants Are a Must Try for Any Visitor

Affordable Restaurannt

A delicious meal will go a long way in the history of your stomach. If you have been putting away some money to treat your hardworking self, or family, it is prudent to have an idea of the place you’d wish to spend your money, the type of cuisines they offer and how much you are willing to invest in the food.

There are a number of classy restaurants in Nairobi, that could perfectly match the desires of your heart in term of quality and quantity. After all the value for your hard earned money is what matters. If you are new in town looking to enjoy some good food at the convenience of your pocket, here are some affordable restaurants, you should try out.

1. Greenview Restaurant

Affordable Restaurants in CBD

If you like it homemade, then this is the place. Opened from Monday to Saturday, you will find your delicacies from the popular fish fingers, roasted potatoes, well-made fries, breadcrumbed fish or chicken, liver with brown ugali, you name it. Food is served in large portions at a pocket-friendly price. Located along Tubman Road, opposite Jamia Mall

2. Kosewe

It stands out for its traditional dishes, a niche that has seen it get clients from all walks of life. The menu entails African and traditional; Athola (roasted beef stew), fish, chicken, ugali and veggies. Fast foods like chips, sausages, and samosas are also available. With about 500 guests on a good day, Kosewe’s popular orders are coconut, wet and dry fish as well as athola. Found in Kimathi Street.

3.Mama Oliech Restaurant

Afffordabl restaurant

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to Obama, Mama Oliech restaurant serves customers from all walks of life. Fish dominates the menu, whole fried tilapia from Lake Nakuru is the signature dish, especially when ordered with ugali  and kachumbari. Located along Marcus Garvey Road

4. Kilimanjaro Jamia

affordable restaurants

It offers a welcoming space where customers enjoy their speciality from freshly brewed coffee to a wide array of continental, Somali, Indian and African dishes. Kilimanjaro Jamia, is quite a busy restaurant, but its centrality and cuisine are the best. Try the camel drink, fresh naan bread, well-prepared pilau with arrosto among others. Located in Kenwood House, Kimathi Street.

5. Trattoria

Affordable restautrants

Being the oldest family-run Italian restaurant in Nairobi, Trattoria is famed for its cuisines made from the freshest produce, accompanied by its selection of best Italian Wines. They offer excellent pizzas, homemade pasta, risottos, varied mains like slow-braised lamb shanks and a whole page of desserts. Located in Town House, Wabera Street, Kaunda Street.

6. Swahili Plate

Affordable restaurants

You can place your order online for a plate of delicious mashed bananas served with crushed fried ground nuts to make a sumptuous Swahili sauce and sauteed in onion and tomatoes. For Biriyani, pilau and samosa lovers, this place could be your favourite for African dishes. Located in Muindi Mbingu street.

7. Big Knife

Affordabe restaurant

Located along Muindi Mbingu St. Opposite Nakumatt Lifestyle, Big Knife is a popular fast food joint in the CBD. With good food and better prices, the place gets flooded with customers all day. It being easily accessible and easy to find, should make you choose a date with your family and friends to try it out. Located in Monrovia street, Muindi Mbingu Street, Nairobi University footbridge.

8. Highland Platinum Restaurant

Affordable Restaurant

Its the home of finest African and Continental cuisines well known for its fish and chicken stews that are served with a variety of carbohydrates. It also serves a variety of healthy drinks. With Ksh100 a customer can get a cold or hot drink as main meals range from Ksh 150 to Ksh 300. Located inside Commerce House, First Floor

9. City Star Restaurant.


If you love your breakfast heavy, nutritiously balanced with huge portions liver, chapati and soup besides a cup of hot milk tea at only Ksh 300, this should be your restaurant. A variety of Samlai dishes, well prepared at an affordable price. Located along Kimathi Street.

10. Malindi Dishes

Affordable Restaurannt

For those with a thing for Oriental dishes, Swahili delicacies, Indian dishes and Afro-Arab Dishes at affordable prices, this should be your favourite food joint. Located on Gaberone Road off Luthuli Avenue

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