Tanzania Bans Plastic Bags all Through, Thick or Thin.

Malawi bans use of Plastic

Tanzania has followed into the footsteps of Kenya, by banning the use of plastic carrier bags in their country according to public notice to travelers planning to visit the east African nation.

Through Tanzania’s government Communication units, the country’s Vice President, Samia Suluhu, said authorities in TZ had resolved to ban plastic bags with effect from June 1. Except in the case of  plastic or plastic packaging for medical services, industrial products, construction industry, agricultural sector, foodstuff, sanitary and waste management.

“The Government of Tanzania wishes to make an official note to travellers planning to travel to Tanzania that from 1st June 2019 all plastic carrier bags, regardless of their thickness will be prohibited from being imported, exported, manufactured, sold, stored, supplied and used in Mainland Tanzania,” part of the statement read.

“Visitors to Tanzania are advised to avoid carrying these bags or packing plastic carrier bags or items in plastic carrier bags in the suitcase or hand luggage before embarking on a visit to Tanzania. The special desk will be designed at all entry points for the surrender of plastic carrier bags that visitors may be bringing into Tanzania,” the statement added.

As for plastics carrier items known as “Ziploc bags” that are specifically designed to carry toiletries, they will be permitted as they are expected to remain in the permanent possession of visitors and are not expected to be disposed of in the county.

In 2016, the government of Tanzania asked traders to prepare for full implementation of the ban. Uganda had tried a similar policy under former Finance Minister Saida Bbumba but didn’t work. The failed ban sought to protect the environment from the dangers of these bags locally known as Kaveera.

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