Couple Reconnects With Traditional Ways of Loin Clothes, No Tech, and They Enjoy it

Reconnected with Traditional Life

Throwing it back to when man adored his traditional way of life, his head devoid of addictive technology and his behaviour inclined towards cultural ways and norms, a former professor at a University in Beijing decided to go on hiatus, away from the cacophonies and too many mortals to remind his soul of the good old days.

He decided to pay a man and his wife a visit on Guadalcanal, in the Solomon Islands. Solomon Island is a sovereign state consisting of six major islands in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. This couple had purposely set themselves apart to live and demonstrate the traditional life of their ancestors and that has been their full-time way of life ever since.

The welcome was very much warm. Over a traditional belet nut, the two gentlemen had to were able to build a rapport pretty fast, a solid ground for them to be able to understand each other’s ideas or emotions very well.

The belet nut is harvested from areca palm which they have growing on their compound. It is chewed along with lime (calcium hydroxide), a white powder in the man’s hand which they get from snail shells or coral.

When he entered the kitchen area his wife was preparing some delicious meal. Green cabbaged cooked in coconut milk.

She added some peeled sweet potatoes on the layer of hot rocks and covered it with banana leaves to cook.

The meal was balanced into a complete diet with bits of pork stuffed into a hollow by bamboo stick and put over the fire to cook.

While the food was cooking, the man of the house taught him a few basics. Like how to make the loincloth wrapped around his waist from tree bark.

How to make a roof out of palm leaves which when done properly, should last about 10 years, weather permitting, and how other vines and leaves can be woven into walls.

He also taught him how to make fire since it was raining and the log was wet he warned him the log might not catch fire.

Food was finally ready. The wife yanked the bamboo tube from fire and cracked it open to reveal the pork bits. Man of the house was busting the betel nut to relax.

The meal was finally served. It was delicious like the home-cooked meal that grandmas prepare when you go over, he admitted.