Woman Files Landmark Lawsuit Against Uber Over Sexual Attack

Woman Sues Uber

A 33-year-old female passenger is suing Uber for £50,000 after she claimed that one of the ride-hailing giant drivers sexually attacked her. This landmark lawsuit against Uber is the first of its kind to ever be filed in UK Courts.

According to the woman, in December 2015 she requested a cab after a late night out in Leeds city centre and an Uber driver swung around to pick her up. But a few minutes into the late night ride, her male driver could not keep it together and he allegedly groped her boobs on two occasions.

Her lawyers filed a lawsuit at London’s High Court, demanding damages of between £30,000 and £50,000 for personal injuries and losses. They claimed that the incident left their client fearful, humiliated and suffering psychiatric problems, who has developed an unknown phobia and has been treated for depression. US Uber is liable for its driver’s actions they said.

Her case is believed to be the first to emerge in the UK which comes in after that of another alleged victim in the US, who is demanding up to £7.6million from Uber after claiming that she was repeatedly sexually assaulted on a journey home in Washington.

Incidents of sexual harassment, fraud and impolite uber drivers have been common around the world. Last month Uber launched its “Safety Never Stops” ad in the UK claiming it puts “safety at the heart of everything we do”.

Just recently Uber unveiled a new policy that will enable the company to kick riders with low ratings. Drivers are expected to comply with minimum star ratings in order to keep working. Riders are entitled to several opportunities to improve their rating before they can lose access and even receive tips on how to improve their ratings.

“By educating customers and partners about the Community Guidelines, asking them to confirm they understand and holding everyone accountable, we can help Uber be welcoming and safe for all,” noted Kate Parker, head of safety, brand and initiatives.

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