Man Steals Pigs For Love, Gets Slapped With Hefty Jail Term

Man steals pigs for love

When the heart wants what it wants, it’s only fair to attend to its needs. A young lad, Stephen Nderitu, head over heels for his lover, decided to build her a home. With hardly enough resources to start off, he decided to steal 18 pigs from his boss to win the heart of his girlfriend.

But thing went South too soon when the long arm of the law tailed his arse. Stephen was presented before Kibera senior resident magistrate Boaz Ombewa Boaz Ombewa who said the prosecution has proved the case against him after four witnesses including the investigating officer stepped forward to testify against him. The Kibera court slapped him with a Ksh 300,000 fine or two years behind bars his choice.

He was accused that last year July in Riruta, Nairobi, he stole the Sh400,000 pigs belonging to Kennedy Wangila, whom he had been employed to since 2017. Wangila had left the pigs feeding when he went to buy shoes for his child but was surprised to find them missing upon his return. When he raised an alarm, he learnt that Stephen had made away with his swine in a lorry according to his friends around.

Stephen then allegedly took the pigs directly to Dumberi slaughterhouse then went to Nakuru at her girlfriend’s house to lay low for a while, but hours later, the police ambushed his hiding place.

Appearing before the court, he denied the accusation saying that he is a good and obedient man who worked diligently for the Wangila since 2017, begged the court to forgive him because he is the breadwinner of a sickly wife and children. The court gave him 14 days to appeal the sentence.

Disappointed, Stephen could not fathom that the animals he had been dutifully attending to could come between him and her fiance, landing him a jail term.

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