Safaricom Intros E-Learning Platform Targets Over 1.3 Million Youths

Blaze Link Launch

Safaricom has come up with a solution to bridge the gap between unemployed youths and job opportunities through its new platform named Blaze Link, a compilation of e-learning resources established for the youths to polish their skills through online courses, giving them a competitive edge in their professional endeavours.

The Telco giant is leveraging on the power of digital platforms so that it can reach the young people who cannot make it to the Be Your Own Boss (BYOB) summits and creation camps as a means to empower them as they journey towards success. Among the free online courses on various disciplines available on the platform include sales and marketing, finance, agriculture, creative arts, programming and development just to mention but a few.

Not only will the youths be knowledgeable through Blaze Link, but get connected to opportunities by directing those looking for employment to available job openings and giving entrepreneurs visibility of market opportunities.

“Blaze link is an e-platform that is free and available to everyone, so they can be able to access the courses that are there. There are lots of youths who are talented that are missing out on being able to express their passion and talent because they do not have a certificate or they have just not been able to harness their skills. By identifying this gap with our youth, we felt it necessary to bridge it and offer a solution.

“We want to train and avail the course to 1.3 million youth in the first year. We are going to leverage on the internet and our partners who include Wezesha, Brighter Monday, Google, IBM, Cloud Factory. Others partners interested are welcome,” said Fawzia Ali Kimanthi, HOD Consumer Segment, Safaricom PLC

Signing up for the Blaze Link is free through Once a person has logged in, they click on the  ‘about’ test to identify their strengths and skills, after which they are offered relevant courses based on their interests and academic background. Those complete course modules are directed to further learning opportunities and experiential training through partner organizations or available jobs for those looking for employment.

However, Safaricom reserves the right to charge for access to some of the services in future including Master class videos on Agribusiness, Creative Arts, Fashion, Film & Photography, Music, Technology and Production & Sales subject to a clear notice when accessing services that are charged.

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