2019 Census Questions for Kenyans by Enumerators

Kenya Census 2019

The Kenya National Bureau Statistics (KNBS) announced that the 2019 national census will be on the night of 24th to 25th August 2019. The 2019 census will be the first to make use of technology as it will be a paperless process administered by enumerators. KNBS director-general Zachary Mwangi revealed that the Ksh18.5 billion will be pumped into the process for accurate and credible figures.

Enumerators will be going from home to home, knock on hotel room doors, hospitals, to travelers and street families, to administer digital questionnaires. Kenyans will be asked questions regarding their names, sex, age, marital status, births dates, marital status, education attainment among others.

The process would factor the ownership of household assets as a wealth indicator. Data on the number of people employed, underemployed and unemployed in the occupation of training will be sought. Household individuals will declare their highest level of education with the data capture focusing on the status of learning and current school attendance status and also get to know whether they are working in sectors of their main training.

Access and ownership of ICT equipment and services will enable the exercise to check the level of ownership of the new technologies, access and e-commerce. While at it, the enumerators will require information about births and deaths in a household, to be used in the projection of population as factored on mortality, fertility and migration.

A household is expected to declare if it owns exotic or indigenous cattle, sheep, goats, camels, donkeys, pigs, indigenous or exotic chicken, bees, fish ponds and fish cages same for crops as the data generated will provide information for future agricultural surveys. Forms and severity in performing daily life activities, labour force, particular housing conditions amenities and sanitation will be revealed.

On August 23, the teams will be on a familiarization tour of every household to do a quick count and take some basic information.

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