Requirements For Appointment Of A Cabinet Secretary In Kenya

Fred Matiangi
CS Fred Matiang'i

A cabinet secretary is a typical senior civil servant who provides services and advice to the Cabinet which is made up of the President, Deputy President, Attorney General, and other Cabinet Secretaries.

The CS is expected to act in accordance with this Constitution and provide Parliament with full and regular reports concerning matters under their control and are accountable to the President “for the exercise of their powers and the performance of their functions”.

“The President shall nominate and, with the approval of the National Assembly, appoint Cabinet Secretaries. A Cabinet Secretary shall not be a Member of Parliament. Each person appointed as a Cabinet Secretary assumes office by swearing or affirming faithfulness to the people and the Republic of Kenya and obedience to this Constitution, before the President and in accordance with the Third Schedule and may resign by delivering a written statement of resignation to the President,” the constitution provides.


  • Must be nominated by the president, with the approval of the National Assembly
  • A Cabinet Secretary must not be a Member of the Kenyan Parliament and has to be vetted by a parliamentary committee before their appointment.
  • The candidate must have academic credentials, professional training in the related field.
  •  Must have experience in government or the private sector that is seen as relevant for their post.
  • Must have demonstrated trust and loyalty to Presidents and prime ministers to be appointed into the position.
  • Cabinets must be able to represent the country and its citizens  together with their interest.

In Kenya the president has the power to transfer the cabinet secretary from one Ministry to another when the cabinet is reshuffled. A Cabinet Secretary can be fired or asked to step down on corruption scandals or abuse of the office.