RedCross Employee Fired After Calling Kenyan a “F*** Monkey”

Recdcross employee fired for racist remarks

The worst thing that can happen to someone, is being racially discriminated by a foreigner in your own home. Looks like racism has a way corrupting minds into making remarks that are hurtful to humanity. Some get away with it, but some learn their lessons the hard way.

One foreigner an employee of the International  Federation of Redcross and RedCresent Societies in Africa  (IFCRAfrica) was reported to have insulted a guard at Nairobi’s Lavington Mall, and when a concerned lady who cared about the name of the organization tried to cool him down, he dismissed her as a f*** monkey.  These rude and racist remarks did not augur well with a few Kenyans who took it to twitter to expose the culprit.

The reports called to attention the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) regional delegation, who quickly gave an update on how they were handling the situation from the ground, following pressure from KOT.

After they received reports on offensive behaviour and abusive language by one of their staff at Lavington Mall they met with the witnesses as part of the investigations. As of yesterday evening, the person’s assignment to Kenya was been terminated.

“We once again want to apologize for th disturbance and to anyone who was insulted. We appreciate those who came forward and reported the matter and those who made time to meet with our team.

“ICRC has a long presence in Kenya one made possible by our relationship with the public, Kenyan authorities, our partners at Kenya Redcross our dedicated staff and above all the community we are here to serve. We never want to lose the confidence that has been given to us to carry out humanitarian work not just in Kenya but in the region,” read a public notice from ICRC

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