Electrician Fined Millions For Trespass in Line of Duty

Electricity pole

A Ugandan electrician has been fined heavily for trespassing while in the line of duty.  The man was slapped with Shs2 million and failure to which he would spend one year in Luzira prison for trespassing to climb a utility pole which is a property of Umeme Ltd.

Utility poles used to support overhead power lines and various other public utilities, such as electrical cable, fiber optic cable, and related equipment such as transformers and street lights.

While appearing before the court Mubiri confessed to trespass and conspiracy to trespass after he struck a plea bargain with the state. He was charged alongside a fellow electrician and a manager at Climax Reloader Bar both of whom pleaded guilty, and were charged with a fine of Shs1 million each and in defaulting they will also spend a year in prison.

The prosecution contended that Mubiru on September 11, 2019, climbed on the utility pole with an intent to commit an offence. Though utility poles aren’t typically dangerous to those who walk by or live near them, there are situations that arise in which the poles can become a threat.

Even though the power lines in urban areas tend to run at lower voltages, it still has the potential to cause injuries if you touch these lines. Electric shocks can lead to severe internal damage and even death.